Saturday, February 27, 2010


After my new contractors got the insulation and drywall done, they had to run back to Ohio for an important family event. Meanwhile, I have homework. Now that there's insulation and drywall, I'm lighting fires in the upstairs heater. Just small kindling burns to dry out the heater. I've got firewood coming at the beginning of the week. The electrician is coming out Monday to add some wiring for more lights on the front porch and we've got a few "stray" wires hanging around. I think they were inadvertently moved during all the construction chaos. My plumbing helper is back in town today so I'll get a hold of him and we can finish up the rough in plumbing earlier in the week. I have found a bathroom exhaust fan that I like. I emailed a picture of that to The Husband. He likes it so I need to sit down and order it. Keweenaw Specialty Woods will have all the tongue and groove cedar for the ceiling ready this week. When Eric and Jake get back, they're going to start mudding and taping the drywall and putting the cedar on the ceiling. I've got all the flooring picked out and Rowe Furniture here in town is working on getting that for me. The kitchen and some bath fixtures are sitting in 41 Lumber's warehouse. The remainder of the bath stuff is already at the cabin. I think I'm going to go ahead and bite the bullet on the bathroom ceiling material. Originally, I wanted to put Metallaire up in both the kitchen and the bathroom. It is way too expensive. It would cost darn near what the entire underside of the roof is costing for the tongue and groove cedar. The kitchen ceiling will also have tongue and groove. It will flow better which is important in a small home. However, the bathroom does have a door and it's really the only "room" in the house. Everything else is open. I was planning on going out to the cabin again today and clean but I've got a cold that is just kicking my butt. This germ fest started Wednesday. I didn't feel too bad when I got up yesterday but after messing around at the cabin yesterday (all week, for that matter) and running around town a little, it's starting to feel fatal. I haven't decided yet or not if I'm going to have a hot toddy and just curl up into a little ball and snooze the cold away or if I'm going to gut out about another half day of work again today. Really, I NEED to rest so I can be good to go again because there's lots to get done. Why is it so hard to rest when we really need to? Maybe if I pull the covers over my head the germs won't see me and they'll just go away.

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