Saturday, February 20, 2010

Playing with the sun

and gate. It was another beautiful and sunny day. I felt rested and ready to "get 'r dun". Armed with my cheat sheets, I headed out to the cabin. This time I couldn't get the gate open. The Jeep is skinny and goes through the snow pretty well so I was able to squeeze it through the smaller than usual gate opening. Some one else also thought our property was good for snow shoeing too and left tracks across our property. I'm hoping that doesn't continue when we get moved in full time because we enjoy the privacy our property offers and we want to continue enjoying it. We don't want to be sitting in our living room having a glass a wine in front of the fire with Barry White playing softly in the background to have the moment spoiled by someone bopping by a window. And we're definitely not sharing our wine. Plus, Diesel, my horse, tends to be very territorial. He goes a bit crazy whenever someone comes onto our property at the Ohio farm. He starts prancing over to where the person or people are wondering around only to be stopped by the fence and snorts at them. By the looks on the faces of the alleged invader, the horse can be rather intimidating. To be honest, I'm not sure what he'd do if he ever got out of the pasture. We joke that he's our "guard pony." Trespassers: Diesel on duty. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Now, for those that have been waiting on the edge of their seats to witness the transition of someone who has always been on grid to life off grid, here we go. After following the steps listed on my cheat sheet, I plugged the vacuum into the outlet. I looked at all the numbers and lights on the inverter (pictured above), charge controllers, and system control panel. Then I turned the vacuum on and ran back to look at all the numbers and lights again. Next, I did some actual vacuuming. Then I ran to look at all the numbers and lights yet again. I couldn't help but feel like I hit the jackpot in a Vegas casino or something with all those lights and numbers. Vacuuming is definitely more fun in an off grid home.

And for my final trick of the evening, I ended up hanging from the gate. After squeezing the Jeep through the narrow opening, I tried to swing the gate open more. I shook it. It didn't move. I shook it harder. The only thing that moved was my hair and my eyeballs. I shook it even harder. It gave way, followed by both my feet and legs and there I hung like a monkey. It's moments like that you hope the neighbors aren't watching, armed with a video camera and a padded envelope made out to America's Funniest Videos.

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