Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dance of the Soul

Wow. The tension of the last six months has left my back and shoulders. Big, happy sigh. Right now, in the dictionary under bliss is a picture of me and the cabin in the sunshine against a backdrop of snow, recharging our batteries (both figuratively and literally), a little fire in the heater, and washing it all down with a chai tea latte. It has been a good week for us. Eric and Jake navigated The Secret Cabin expertly waving their magic hammers around so quickly they were but a blur. After three days, the cabin is insulated and drywalled. They wrapped up some loose ends and corrected a few framing errors left over from my ex (contractor). They took care of what needed to be taken care of without me having to ask, ask, ask, scream. This is how it should be. I've always thought the difficult people and situations that are part of life and that we all experience was to challenge us to learn and grow. But learn and grow what specifically? Surely, not our ability to string together colorful metaphors. I thought the lesson, which obviously seems to have evaded me over the last 6 months of construction, was to learn to gracefully deal with these difficult others and situations. Maybe, though, the lesson is to recognize when things aren't working, cut those people and situations loose, move on, and surround myself with those that do the dance of the soul. The dance of the soul occurs when the task at hand is carried out beyond "just a job." It is elevated and performed happily and to the very best of one's abilities. That person is in the groove, in the flow, nailed it, spot on. Maybe the lesson is for each to learn his/her own dance of the soul so we can all dance together.

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