Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Calvary is coming!

The Calvary is coming! Eric and Jake, of Chris Arden Homes, Perrysburg, Ohio; will be here and ready to start The Big Finish Faze of The Secret Cabin on Monday morning. More good news today came from The Husband. He had to take feLIONs Tim Tim Tim Tim Tim (that's Tim to the 5th power) and Mars to the vets. Just a little infection for each of them so nobody is old and dying or just plain old dying and breaking our hearts. All this was cause for celebration. So, I went shopping. I got this cool bowl by my friend, Artist Ed Gray (Jikiwe) from the Ed Gray Studio-Gallery. You'll be hearing more about Ed from me. He is a major force behind the arts in Calumet. He's the reason we have the Calumet Art Center. I have been admiring this bowl since I think November's First Friday so I'm pretty excited to be able to have it. This week is kind of my getting settled in week so I'm a little all over the place but I will have a lot more coverage of the Calumet art scene in the future.

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Nina said...

I love that bowl....you are so lucky to own it1