Friday, November 1, 2013

Quick end of week check-in

I am STILL possessed by evil back spasm spirits. I have not gone in for any kind of exorcism this week. I really should. I am reconsidering going to a medical doctor. As in I think I might go there first. My reasoning behind this strategy is because 1) the medical profession has been zero help in my three decade long war against chronic pain so this will not alarm the evil back spasm spirits causing an even more painful retaliation; 2) there is a slim chance that maybe the planets are lined up such that I may be able to secure ammunition against these evil spirits in the form of a prescription strength anti-spasm/inflammation/pain drug; and 3) there is also a slim chance for other forms of ammunition such as physical therapy, specifically massage therapy which if prescribed could bring into play the financial assistance health insurance calvary. As a back up plan, off-gridders always need a back up plan or two or three, I could push The Husband down in the parking lot skinning his knee and maybe even bumping his elbow so we can turn right around and go back into the doctor's office so they will promptly and with great sympathy give him a grocery bag with handles full of Pez dispensers containing every pain killer known to mankind for his boo-boo because everyone knows that men easily, quickly, and tragically succumb to boo-boos and the common cold. While I didn't push him down, this is how I scored my last bottle of prescription strength NSAID pain relief. That bottle lasted over a year, using it only for extreme pain possessions, and it included Mike using it too for what he even called a "fake injury" because it really was the equivalent of a bumped elbow.

Our video chat interview on Tuesday went well. I really enjoy sharing what we know about green technology and living off-grid. This is going to be a step-by-step process and nothing may ever come of it but as things unfold, I will let you know of any fun and exciting things gong on.

Our food from Outdoor Herbivore has arrived. We will be lunching on one of the meals today. Mary Jane's Farm food is scheduled to be here Monday. We've had quite a bit of rain lately and the driveway is getting a bit squishy. If the driveway seems a little too squishy for our liking on Monday, we'll send out the bat signal by leaving the truck down at the end of the drive for Kurt (UPS) to leave our package in our truck. 

Mike continues to build his equine pantry, aka putting up hay for the next year, as weather permits. He also wants to get a load of saw logs here so they are ready for making firewood in the Spring. This running around this late mucking around with firewood is BS which has backed up mucking around with putting up hay. That's why we asked for our firewood in the Summer when WE wanted it. But it may be too late already with the driveway getting squishy. Disgusted sigh.

In my department, I will be visiting my family down south for the holidays which are speeding up on us. I need to make sure there's enough food for Mike to quickly and easily feed himself while I'm gone. One person running the cabin and taking care of the beasts is tough. This is also the time of year where I reflect on the last year and mastermind the year ahead. I've got enough left undone on this year's list to provide plenty of "fun" for next year plus I'm thinking about trying to grow some greens this Winter. 

Preview for next week: We've still got a little bit of news to catch up on so that's what we'll be chatting about then. Have a good weekend.

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