Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nerves of (melting) steel

Just a quick status report today.

THE SUN IS SHINING! (cue the Angels on High)

Evil back spasm spirits have invited friends. We've got a lot going on today but I think I'm going to have to give in again and consult some sort of professional exorcist. I tried a massage last week to no avail. Will call another massage therapist. If that doesn't work, while I have more faith in a witch doctor, I don't know any around here so I guess I'll have to settle for a medical doctor. If the medical doctor suggests that I go home and take aspirin, this blog could be in for even more changes unless I'm allowed my computer and internet connection while incarcerated.   

We located and purchased our hay for the next year back in September. Last night, The Husband started hauling the hay here and put it up in our barn---the equine version of a pantry. His lordship, Diesel, is pleased.

As part of our shift from productive members of society to retirement, we have spent this entire year selling things, paying things off, etc. More on that to follow but today we have a closing appointment. We are re-doing our mortgage. Lower interest rate! Little happy jig. Ouch, dang back spasms.

And....another drum roll moment please....we have a video chat interview today for a possible opportunity to share our off-grid systems on a never before, unprecedented scale for The Secret Cabin. What this could mean to you is a professionally shot video tour of The Secret Cabin in action complete with solar pole dance if need be. I'm wanting this to all come together pretty badly so I've got a little case of nerves going on. Unless that's the back spasm spirits. Anyway, please think positive thoughts  for us on this. Thank you!

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