Monday, November 18, 2013

There goes the neighborhood

We still have a bit of catching up to do of this past Summer's events.

Remember how we moved up here to get away from farming and to have the whole cabin in the woods experience and peace and quiet and privacy. Yeah. So, since moving in, our neighbor across the road has purchased a John Deere tractor, a small herd of cattle, two horses, and a Jeep. He has also cleared a bunch of his land and started growing hay for said small herd of cattle. For cattle, fencing is just a suggestion. I don't think cows even notice when they've walked through fencing. All of a sudden, they're just lost and start bellowing. Or standing in front of or running alongside our truck while we try to enter or exit our place. One day, I was quite surprised by just how unpleasant my teen years memories of working for a veal farm were when they were stirred up when we turned out onto the road and came face-to-face with a dead, beheaded, and gutted cow hanging from chains from the front end loader on a tractor.

But wait there's more. It started with granting permission to the loggers to go through ONE spot in our driveway so the new neighbor to our North could log his ground. I told The Husband they were basically CONtractors and we didn't want to do that. He wanted to be a nice neighbor. Now, I tell him that I told him and that I don't want to hear it. They went through about FOUR different places and destroyed a tile we just had installed this past Spring. As if that weren't thrilling enough, because we gave permission to the loggers to access the property via our driveway, the new neighbor hired the neighbor across the road to further clear the ground and without asking, he is using the driveway to move his equipment in and out of the property for further clearing for eventual farming. Oh goody. Nothing says cabin in the woods like the droning of a tractor in a field. Over 100 acres to our North was cleared this Summer.

On the POSITIVE side, the new neighbor to the North wanted our back 40. SOLD! And when do you want the rest of the place? I told Mike before I sold the Ohio farm that I bet I could sell this place even easier than that one. Sure enough. At closing for the back 40, they said they were thinking about the rest of our place. AND, we were just asked by someone else to "please"(they said please which I think is important to note for level of sincerity) let them know if/when we ever decide to sell as they are interested.

We love our property. Despite all the stuff going on around us, which will settle back down, once we get down that first part of our driveway, we've got our privacy. Retirement gives you time to stop and look at your reflection in the mirror. Sometimes, it feels like we just got here under the wire. I feel lucky that we've had the experience living here and living off-grid.

Here's some pictures of what the neighborhood and our driveway looks like without the trees.

This shot is from the road.

Viewed from our once tree-lined drive way.

Again from our drive way.

And again, from our drive way.

From the East side of the barn, we can now see our neighbor's house.
 We will be planting trees on our property to screen this view.

Oh, and by the way, all those views above are lake view. It was really overcast and these photos aren't my best. (Sorry.) Which means that if we hacked down trees across from the cabin, we'd probably have a lake view too BUT our privacy is more important to us.

And, the road crew is already talking about the possible drifting situations we're going to have on our road now that the trees are gone. Mike and I were already thinking about our driveway being more work to maintain. Which leads us in to the subject of food storage for next time.

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