Saturday, November 16, 2013

Reporting Kinda Live From….

…. the Under World of Pain and Misery. How's that for drama? I even impressed myself with that one. Because I was bored with starting to feel less pain, I backed off the pain killers at the same time I started the ONE exercise I was assigned by my Physical Therapist. This angered every single one of the Deities of The Spine. Once again, I lay here staring at The Secret Cabin's kiln-dried, tongue and groove cedar ceiling welcoming Death. Alas. No reason for the "alas" other than I think it adds to the drama. On the bright side, I have a photo shoot coming up. I know they're just x-rays but I like calling it a photo shoot. I want to crack a joke about being radiant and radiation but I just caved in and took a pain pill which can kick in any time now. I hope. You know, I'm thinking the pain pill goes for the brain first because I got nothing on the radiant and radiation joke. Okay, please talk amongst yourselves again and have a good rest of the weekend.

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