Friday, March 4, 2016

Update from Hell

Our dream has hit the fan and turned to shit. Our neighbors have gone beyond problematic. I don't understand things that are not logical or not reasonable. It's like giving a computer a bad command that sends it on an infinite loop taking it back around to the bad command. So we had the arrogant doctor purchase the place north of us. We started off by trying to be good neighbors and allowing access, selling land off that we didn't really need/want, and offering a 15 foot easement on the corner to move sheep and farm equipment. Then it all started with not even the courtesy of letting us know what was going on and the worst fencing one can have around horses put on the property line. All the trees being cleared so that the golden silence and enchanted forest is extinct. Property damage, inconvenience, constant bleating of sheep and barking of dogs ALL day and ALL night. We brought damages, timber theft, and their worrying our animals to their attention to no avail. Somehow, because we had problems with this arrogant doctor, our other neighbors decided they have a problem with us and started treating us in the same manner as the arrogant doctor. Disrespect and telling us what they could do on our property. An easement does not mean our property is public land. These neighbors didn't repair their fencing and their horses kept getting loose and coming over here. We were lucky because our horses were always locked up in the barn when this happened. Our luck ran out on October 15th, 2015. Diesel is dead. Our hearts are broken and our life as we knew it was completely shattered. Mike rushed back here to the cabin from Oklahoma. Let's just leave it at Mike was upset. Mike is now overseas to put distance between him and the dickhead neighbor. (I'll pause here for a moment. Yes, he's in another country right now. It's best as people like our neighbors are not worth one's freedom. Diesel was Mike's buddy. You've seen all the pictures. We feel we have lost our equine son. We are devastated. I've been doing Winter here all by myself. It has been rough is an understatement.) We knew what happened was no skin off their noses. Not so much as an apology. Then a couple of weeks ago, the "adult" daughter of the man responsible for Diesel's death, her dog took a package off my mailbox and opened it and I received the remnants in a couple of crumpled, used grocery bags thrown to the back of the inside of my mailbox complete with snow packed into the cap of a hand blended, natural perfume oil and chewed up bits of wrapping paper and some of the other items I ordered. I left a message for her to put a check in my mailbox for $79.20 and to get her animals under control, that they had done enough damage to my family, and to continue to stay away from us as it is in everyone's best interest. I thought I was just direct and matter of fact. I didn't swear or threaten. The phone call I received is beyond believable. Snarky, snotty, abusive and downright cruel. She berated my behavior right after I watched Diesel do this pitiful whiny, cry thing and take his last breath. Her father arrived to retrieve his murderous geldings just a moment after the horse we raised from a baby and was part of this family for almost 13 years died right in front of me. I make no apologies for swearing at him and who knows what else I said. The "adult" daughter's rant continued snarking at me and told me that it had been four months, animals lives don't matter, get over it bitter bitch. Needless to say, at that point I broke down. I couldn't believe the cruelty and what I was hearing. I said, "What? You're going to pick on me about my behavior after I just watched my horse die?" "Yeah, so. We said we were sorry. Okay. Get over it," she said. And, did you know, that we are the bad neighbors? All I could muster was that no one ever said they were sorry. Needless to say a person like that is pleased with her ability to break someone down and not pay for damages caused by her animal. Like father, like daughter. We are "lawyered up." A couple of letters from our attorney have been sent requesting payment for our financial loss of Diesel. Those letters could have also caused some of this wrath from this vile person. I'm a bit concerned with being here by myself and the actual lawsuit hitting their mailbox. Diesel's death left a huge emptiness in our lives. This is no longer home. I'm sorry I ever dared to dream. We would have NEVER done this had we known it was going to cost us a member of our family. As a side note: Diesel's stablemate, Keira, is okay. She is lost without him and I'm trying to help her through her grief as much as I can. We did locate a small pony and he's here trying to keep her company. Keira's a bit despondent. She is eating and drinking. She understood that Diesel died. She was in the round pen and quietly stood on the other side of the fence by his dead body until I put her up in the barn in anticipation of the backhoe's arrival. I did make sure she got to see, sniff, and touch his dead body. She did this cry, squeal thing and pawed at him. She's never called for him so I know that she understands in whatever way a horse understands death. We're all like Keira right now. Lost. If I had some place to go, I would load up what's left of my animal family and throw a lit match on our way out.