Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The fate of The Secret Cabin

So. To recap, The Husband got a job in Oklahoma City, OK. Bheki-locks is going from too cold to too hot. While I love adventures, I'm not digging the idea of heat, heat, and more heat; tornados, earth quakes (it was news to me too), and not one but three different poisonous snakes including one that is about three feet long that can lunge it's body length at you very quickly. Lovely. We sold MY tractor so I'm down one of my great super powers. I always learn so much about myself with every new adventure. For example, in searching for a new place to live, I have discovered that I am a Toilet Snob. Not proud of it but I've always tried to be honest with myself and others. We will discuss Toilet Snobbery in another post at greater length but for now, I am out of the water closet.

But, what, pray tell, about The Secret Cabin? I don't know. Neither Mike, nor I can bear the thought of selling right now. This all has happened kind of unexpectedly and quickly. He made one phone call just to inquire and the next thing you know, we're off to see the Wizard. Close enough. We've thought that maybe we could vacation here in the Summer. We've even thought of renting The Secret Cabin for  Solar-cations so others could vacation and experience off-grid goodness. Too early for us to know. What we do know is that once we get a place in OK and get all the Beasts moved down and settled in, I will be coming back to the cabin to do some cleaning and maintenance. I really need to paint the windows. Really, getting The Secret Cabin all tucked in to go solo for a bit which is really hard to think about. The Secret Cabin has a really nice toilet. :D