Saturday, April 26, 2014

Winter 2013-14 Album

What happens when your neighbor clears the trees on his property? 
Mike and Bheki end up with snow up to their armpits in their drive. Lovely.

The road was worse; I'm sure the road commission is still cursing.

Broken blower thingie. 
(I actually know what all the thingies are called but 
ever since the 7th grade when I was the only one in the class that got 100% on the engine part quiz,
I'm tired of the tendency of men getting mad at me 
because I actually know what I'm talking about. I was also Outstanding Industrial Arts I student in shop class which won even more fans but for the sake of full disclosure, I got a C in Home Ec. That was an interesting few moments at home on report card day; sometimes even I feel sorry for my parents.)
I'm kind of fascinated by the way the metal "smeared" on the left. RAWR, torque, baby!

Broken blower means snowshoe time.
 Half mile trip to the mailbox. And starting the half mile back.
I saved the best for last. Snow almost up to your tubes
  (evacuated tubes on the solar thermal water system) 
hence the height of the wooden rack.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Are you all sitting down?

But first, let's update. 

Back spasms from Hell weren't just back spasms. Something or other with discs and spinal cord and nerves and PAIN that hurt more than when a horse stands on your foot or horse dumps you and falls on you. Lasted longer than that too. I didn't get to go visit family for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. I was mad. My back and I aren't speaking to each other. I started an exercise program. I do 30 minutes a day, six days a week on my stationery bike or treadmill or hike the driveway. I want to add yoga but that's enough health stuff.

Winter. Seriously, it's supposed to be all green grass, bunnies, and roses soon and it's doing a "wintry mix" as I write. Whatever.

Hot Water system. LOVING it. On several occasions I have stood under the shower head and wasted hot water. It feels good. INTERESTING (and kinda weird) HOT WATER NOTE: When the Sun is out there cranking, it seems the more hot water we use in the cabin, the hotter the tank gets. Running downstairs to check the temperature gauges after we each take a hot shower and see the tank not only not loose degrees but actually go up a degree or two just never gets old. 

Beginning mid-February is when we started consistently making more hot water with the solar thermal system. We even had days were the floor loops were on and heating the bathroom and front porch. This coincides with the solar panels producing more power and cutting back on generator reliance. 

Our food stash proved useful when the snow blower broke down. We were down about two weeks. Eleven words to the wise: Thirty day food and supply stash for both man and beast. And one more word: Grateful.

Loss and Grief: We lost some of our aging feLION family members and Diesel's donkey buddy, Pumpkin. Diesel is having a tough time. While Diesel is still a pain-in-the-butt, we now know who the mastermind behind a lot of the mischief was. We're grieving, Diesel is grieving, and we've got feLIONs  grieving. We keep reminding ourselves that there is grief because there is Love.

Okay, you should probably sit down now. Recently, Life as we know it here at The Secret Cabin has gone ….

BOOM! The Husband received a career opportunity that we couldn't refuse….in Oklahoma. Pause for shockwave to pass. Okay. He's leaving today to go where old, retired Air Traffic Controllers go---to teach the next generation of Controllers. It's where he started off twenty-seven years ago. Full circle. Pause for nodding. Yep. Well, at least I won't have to watch him run around the acreage chasing the two airplanes that fly over the cabin any more. It's been a whirlwind of loss, endings, changes, and beginnings in the last couple of weeks. When we went to put The Secret Cabin on the market, we just couldn't do it. Not yet anyway. We sold my beloved tractor and all of the implements. I feel stripped of one of my great superpowers. As soon as Mike gets settled in his new job, we hope to find some place for all of us to move to down in Oklahoma. I've been scouring Trulia without any success. Oklahoma has heat, tornados, and 300 days of Sunshine and yet there are no solar powered, earth berm homes. I know that I'm "different" but sometimes, a lot of the times, I just don't understand what the deal is. I haven't been able to find a "normal" house either. 

BOOM! Definitely, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!