Monday, November 24, 2014

Still here.

Ok. So we did NOT move to OK. Oklahoma for those that haven't been following along; I couldn't resist saying Ok as in okay and OK as in Oklahoma in the same sentence. Anyway, our buyer's agent down in OK, in our opinion, was not working on our behalf. He was advising us to do some things that  even without my having a law degree were obviously not in our best interest. Between the real estate BS and getting the "rest of the story" on the job which was only perceivable by actually working the job for two and a half months, it became clear that investing in a piece of real estate down there wasn't something we wanted to do. Yeah, their governor did sign some crap law into effect that is going to financially penalize those with solar panels and the drones/sheep/collective were all rattling off some stupid "yeah, they need to pay their fair share" nonsense because people that generate some of their own electricity apparently need to pay for electricity that they don't use from the utility company otherwise they're not paying their fair share; hence, the word nonsense. However, that didn't have much to do with our decision. There is a unprecedented, mountainous pile of BS that has gone on since my last update but I'll try to take it easy. Let's do a photo essay.

I got a purple rock for my birthday from The Husband. It's technically Charoite. Kind of reminds me of the sky in van Gogh's Starry Night painting. I should probably note that I collect pretty rocks and a man should probably not buy a woman a rock as a gift unless she asks or hints at such a gift, least the man have the gifted rock thrown at him. I've only been collecting rocks for a year and a half so I'm no expert but I feel pretty safe saying that this one is not for throwing.

The feLIONs continue to do their usual impressive feLION things like throw their toys in their food dishes.  

Token photo of this year's fawn crop.

Turkey passing through. I like these kind of turkeys much better than people who are pain in the butt turkeys (understatement).

Once again, we had our annual Summertime bat in the cabin with feLIONs in hot, chaotic pursuit. This year topped last year as I spent a bit of the evening feeding the mosquitos out on the balcony while I freed this particular bat from one of those sticky fly strips. Lovely.

My sister and I posted on Facebook our 4-H Fair flashback photos during this year's Monroe County, Michigan Fair. It was lots of fun. This was my 1983 photography entry and below is....

my poetry entry.

It was pretty cool when I posted this 1979(?) picture of me and Jag (front) and my first show horse Tag with his new owner right behind us. I shared my memories of that Fair and ended up reconnecting with the lady pictured on Tag and got to hear her memories of that fair.  
A moment with The Husband in Lake Superior, at McClain State Park on one of his brief visits home from OKC.

There were some ducks at the lake that day too.

Oh, what is going on here? Yep, that silver car is a Chevy Volt and….

it's being charged by the Sun. While this is easy to plug in, it's not so easy when one is laughing her butt off because she thinks it funny that the plug in thingie is shaped just like the gas pump handle at a gas station. I will have more to report to you on The Volt Experience. 

Unfortunately, Diesel's donkey friend passed away in February. He spent the Summer all by himself. He did okay but really, horses are herd animals and they are happier with a buddy. This is supposed to be his new friend, Keira. Keira is about 750 pounds and stands about 13.2 and wears a 66 blanket. Diesel is about 1200 pounds and over 16 hands and measures for an 84 blanket. Diesel is still getting used to the pony; when she first got here, he was terrified of her because she tried to kill him (Diesel's version of the story). They are doing better now but the pony is the boss horse. 

Keira is mostly hair and yes, you are smelling hair conditioner through your computer screen. It took two and a half days to haul her up from Scottsdale. Emphasis: she was in a trailer for two and a half days. You would think that trailer would be a stinky mess. Nope. Smelled like hair conditioner. The barn smells like hair condition. Sitting in the cabin, we can smell hair conditioner. We know exactly where the horses are at any given moment by the smell of hair conditioner. That's all you can smell now that Keira has joined the family. PM and for a small fee I will tell you the brand as a stock tip.
Sigh. Diesel's impression of an Unicorn. We go through this every Fall with the burrs.

Keira is a Southern girl and needed a light Fall weight "jacket."

The lighting and textures were great this Fall.

I found a Fairy Castle in the woods.

Ya know how when you cut your own hair and then you keep cutting and trying to fix it and before you know it, you're basically bald. And then you go to your hair stylist and he screams when you take off your hat and he's completely horrified and you end up surrounded by three exasperated men working feverishly and they manage to fix something that was truly unfixable. No? Okay, cringe, me neither. Anyway, imagine that phenomena only with trees instead of hair. For the second year in a row,  even more trees were murdered over the Spring, Summer, and Fall. I'll spare you the drama of trespassing, timber theft, and making a mess for me to clean up and just say the neighbor isn't trying to fix any thing. When the leaves fell this Fall, we saw the Lake from the balcony of the cabin. 

Keira is a 5 year old Gypsy Cob born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. This Summer she learned to graze on pasture. No pasture in the desert. And this was the first time she saw snow. With the exception of bossing Diesel around, she's pretty laid back and doesn't get rattled but she didn't seem too sure about going out into the white stuff.

She kept eating snow. She's got burrs in her hair too. I'm probably going to be doing burr removal all Winter with this one.

Previously on this blog, we had sold all our farm equipment in order to move to OKC for this "wonderful" job opportunity. I'm not happy with a certain liar down in OK. Let's just say that Mike was asked by a co-worker if he too was tricked by said lair. Anyway, thankfully, we were able to find another tractor. You'd think it'd be easy to just go buy something but that is not the case. There are territory restrictions and budget. This tractor is a "program tractor" meaning it was used for PR at some events. Also meaning, lightly used and specially priced. This particular tractor was out in Oshkosh, WI hauling people around in a wagon at the air show. I know I shouldn't say this but, isn't it cute? My previous ride was a 5000 series. This is a 4000. However, and this is the really important thing, it's in a-whole-nother class. The 5000 was a "real" tractor and weighed about 8000 (without the loader). This 4000 is basically a garden tractor on steroids and only weighs about 4000 pounds (again, without the loader). That is an Erskine blower on the front. One model size smaller than our previous blower. However, they have discontinued that previous model and this is their most popular model meaning readily available parts that we hopefully won't need. Remember, we had a bit of a problem last Winter and parts availability was an issue. So, this is a different beast. Lucky to find her and lucky she got here two days before the snow started to fly. Hopefully this 4000 series will prove tough enough.

More fantastic lighting and shadows.

White birch is one of my favorite trees. Yes, I say that about a lot of trees but….look at the fabulous texture.
Put your limbs in the air like you don't care, la, la, la…

Well, that was our Spring, Summer, and Fall in snippets. I've had worse years but this one was pretty exhausting. A good side effect, though, I've been spending a little more time doing Art in an effort to maintain my sanity. Speaking of Art and sanity, I'll sign off for now with a quote I just came across today: "Artists, while painting, are quite literally out of their minds." ~ Plato

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