Sunday, December 1, 2013

More From The Secret Cabin Dept. of Culinary Delights

Eat Your Veggies Pasta
photo credit: Mary Jane's Farm
Okay, so we've been discussing building up a food stash here at The Secret Cabin. So far we have six jars of almond butter in the pantry and one tiny jar of chocolate hazelnut spread hidden in an undisclosed location. Recently, I did a review of our positive experience with Outdoor Herbivore. I've mentioned Mary Jane's Farm as another  group of products in our stash. I made her Eat Your Veggies Pasta the other day. I had purchased the bulk bags for a more economical price. It was easy enough dealing with the bulk bag, however, I will have to adjust the amount of servings I prepare next time. One serving makes two servings. The Human Garbage Can that I live with, aka The Husband, oinked down two servings before I could even sit down and the chair is literally two steps from the kitchen. Because I have the DNA of an air plant, or whatever my problem is, I had dished out not quite one serving for myself. While my taste buds savored the cheesy pasta, The Human Garbage Can helped with dishes by cleaning out the remaining serving. Seriously, I want to beat this man. I don't know where he puts it and he's lost all kinds of weight since retirement. I have found it (the weight he's lost), hence, my wanting to call him a b*tch and beat him. If I ever end up missing, it's going to be because a herd of dark windowed, black SUV's loaded with guys in mirrored sunglasses and black trench coats came roaring up in a cloud of dust, nabbed me, and hid me in some under ground government research facility. I will never feel the warmth of the Sun on my face again as they run test after test trying to isolate whatever it is that makes my metabolism function like a combination of a three-toed sloth and aforementioned air plant. If able to isolate this phenomenon, it will end world hunger and they will be able to develop the most efficient source of power generation whether engine, battery, or fuel. Yes, my metabolism may be the key to the end of the US dependency on foreign oil and I will have had a role in world peace. That said, because The Human Garbage Can still needs to eat, I am still planning on adding soups and pasta and sauces. I'll decide our next steps after that. I still have to think about it some more. I have frozen veggies in the freezer BUT if something happens and we can't get to a gas station for fuel, The Human Garbage Can will eat through the frozen veggies quicker than a blink of an eye. This leaves us with the possibility of canned veggies which are loaded with, cue the scary music, SALT! There may also be some blow fish code in my DNA. I don't handle salt well at all. I will have to do some research into the freeze dried veggies. This kind of brings us to what I think is one of the main tenants of building up a food stash. You want food that you already usually eat. A 50 pound bag of wheat in the basement isn't going to do anyone a bit of good if you don't usually use wheat like that in your every day cooking/life. In case of emergency, everyone is going to be freaking out like someone has gotten wound up in barbed wire and is bleeding out. Bodies are going to be pumped with stress. Stress allows illness to step in. Things will just spiral down to ugly and uglier from there. BUT, if we are eating meals like it's business as usual, maybe with the exception of cooking over an open fire, that's going to provide some semblance of your "standard operating procedure" providing some comfort and calm. Additionally, you can just keep eating out of your pantry and replenishing as necessary. This rotates your stock and ensures freshness. Even Human Garbage Cans cannot eat spoiled food. And finally, for your further perusal, I give you Food Storage Made Easy. I found it user friendly as I think it could be easy to feel overwhelmed during your first steps in building up a pantry.