Thursday, October 24, 2013

drum roll....and Here it bonus news

Ooooooh. Cool, but why is it fenced in? Remember, according to Diesel the racks attacked him. This is to keep the racks from attacking poor, innocent equine passersby.



Uh huh, Bheki, you're starting to bore me.

Oh. That is a big pipe.

Okay. I am on day seven of being possessed by some sort of evil back spasm spirit so my writing is a little dry today. So. The usual answer, "yes, it works." What we really want to know is how well. You know the song, "....Summertime and the living is easy." The hottest the boiler had ever been with the heater was 107 degrees. This Summer, we saw 130 on the tank. What little Summer was left, I had nice hot showers. Mike and I could each take a hot shower every day. We even took the aerators out of the shower head for a little more water pressure. We didn't really get more water pressure but we got more water coming out of the shower head. The Husband offered to crank up the pressure on the tank but I didn't want to push my luck and run out of hot water in the middle of being all soapy. I even stood there under the running hot water for a few minutes to fend off aforementioned evil back spasm spirits. Yes, I totally wasted hot water but it felt really good. We were able to do loads of laundry with warm water if we wanted to but I didn't really get a chance to use hot water for the dishes and household cleaning. Now, it's what I like to refer to as "turnaround time." This is the time of year where we start the heaters up about ten days before the weather gets cold. We usually end up running around in our underwear for a couple of days because there's a little overlap in warm weather and the heaters curing out and putting heat into the cabin. We also had an added bonus this year of overlapping and over heating the boiler. Yeah. It worked that well. Scared the hell out of us. But, you know The Husband's saying, "Better lucky than good." The Sun was making hot water and the heater was making hot water. Because yours truly has a bug up her butt about all things contractor and off-grid, I did not pay attention to the men (said like I have a mouthful of poo) and the job they were doing with the hot water system. Well, they plumbed the system so the solar hot water used the ground loop for cooling that was formerly plumbed for the masonry heater. Because the sun had been out on this eventful day, it was 71 and 73 on the front porch and bathroom, respectively, so those zones were satisfied so the switches for the in-floor heat for the rooms shut off the pump for the loop going through the masonry heater. Mike had gone downstairs and did the fire. Next thing I knew, I heard all this banging and I yelled at Mike figuring he was being pissy. He didn't say anything back and it sounded like Diesel was down there so I got up to yell at Mike again only to meet Mike coming into the cabin as I got to the stairs for the lower level. Shit. I asked Mike if he was making noise out on the porch and that's when I got my pissy response and I bitched back that we have a problem. We both ran downstairs to hear the pipes banging like a bad horse that wants out of his stall. Then we see the pump not pumping. At this point, I didn't know what had been done with the loops. We shut the air intakes on the heater but it did not snuff out the fire. We ended up throwing burning logs out the back of the cabin. Without the fire going, the hot water tank/boiler cooled down enough that the switches switched the heater loop pump back on. When the hot water started running through the pipes again, it melted the pipe insulation. Then Mike was like, "Oh, we actually made enough hot water that it was going to go to the in-floor heating in the porch and bathroom but that's warm enough because the sun was out today." I said, "why the hell didn't it use the ground loop?" "Because we have the solar loop going through there and that loop is only on if the solar is on which it isn't because it's dark now." No man is worth my freedom, no man is worth my freedom, no man is worth my freedom.... So, we have now disconnected the switch going to the front porch so it always stays open and are using that loop as the dump zone for the heater loop. Additional little note: We have also slowed the pump down just a little for the heater loop giving us hotter water. 

From the Department of Firewood: We asked for our firewood to be delivered this Summer. We got one and a half cords and then the rest about a week ago. This is not acceptable. We absolutely, positively HAVE to have wood that has been split and put up for at least six months. It's even better if it's nine months to a year. Mike is thinking of just getting saw logs in the future for the economy of it and cutting and splitting it himself. Taking down some of our own trees even. But only the ones that aren't doing well. As it is, we have been paying for split firewood only to have to split it down even further. After three years of splitting with axe and chisel, here we go. 

And last not but not least for today, a skeleton from my closet. Oh. My. Goddess. What. A. Shameful. Garden. To be continued....

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