Thursday, July 4, 2013

Because I like it HOT and STEAMY and....'s The Husband's job to take care of those needs for (music of impending doom) THE WIFE (Psycho music). In all seriousness, the old bones have decided that they don't like cold showers this Summer. I have completely washed (ha, pun) my hands of this project. I'm sick of glorified camping aka off-grid living. I just as well light a match and not turn back but I promised project coverage and I know that after I get my hot, steamy soak, I'll be my usual sweet self. 

Project sprawling all over the back yard. I'm pretty sure that ALL these forms of horse power are not necessary for a hot water install so don't panic. Yet. The fence panels are to keep the tube racks from attacking Diesel again. (You may recall we had a bloody, screaming and cutting incident late last Summer.)

View from the South. The Husband in action.

A close up. Tractor holding the 4x in place while The Husband ties the 4x's in place. We did use 4 x 6's on the horizontal braces because of the size of the "feet" on the tube racks.

Even though I'm crabby as all get out, I'm proud of The Husband working on this. 

Next up: final squaring, leveling, and pouring some concrete down the holes; neighbor coming over with his backhoe to dig the trench for the lines. Anticipating Roger of Bob's Sheet Metal after that. And then, we should have the much coveted, sought after hot and steamy soak in the clawfoot tub and all will be right with the world.  

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