Saturday, March 2, 2013

In Other Off-Grid-y News....

I know the header picture of the Studio doesn't really fit but I can't bring myself to take it down yet. Having the Studio space last year was really a big deal for me. Yea, the roof leaked and it was raining down ceiling tiles in there and there's probably a structural problem somewhere where the floor was falling in in the one spot, but, man, it was such an awesome experience. I did get all my art supplies out by the end of my little three month lease right before the tax notice of impending doom was put on the door. I feel a little helpless when we drive by my former Studio space now. It would take winning the lottery to rehab the building. And that's just the one section of the building. It used to be a restaurant before it became part of the bakery. Anyway, I miss my Studio. On to more off-grid-y news....

We have another off-gridder amongst us. Mike met him at our local Cafe. You can meet him here at his Bootjack Cabin.

Also amongst us, a dead wind turbine. I could see myself spooking and running for my life right along side Diesel when I said that. Yes, it's the neighbor's turbine that I coveted a while back. They suffered a lightening strike this past Summer and it damaged some of their solar equipment in addition to the turbine. Still not flying so, it's been down awhile. 

And, finally, the honeymoon is over. No, not my marriage. I never even had a wedding yet alone a honeymoon. Gosh, a vacation sounds divine. Some place warm where scantily clad men feed you grapes and fan you with palm fronds. Anyway, I'm talking about the living off-grid "honeymoon." When you first go off-grid things are all new and exciting. Not any more. Sure, I still go wild when the Sun shines but I find myself muttering under my breath when I have to stop and think about flipping something on or plugging something in or starting the generator when I want to cook. Some days, I'm just not in the mood for what can feel like glorified camping. Some days, when I've haven't slept well the night before and I'm all crabby and achey, I think about bringing a line back and tying in. Some days, when I'm REALLY crabby, I just want to get the feLIONs out of the cabin, throw my favorite things out on the lawn, and drop a match as I close the door behind us. But that's when I'm REALLY crabby and Mike will give me a little bit of chocolate or the sky will clear and I'm okay again. I'm okay but, like I said, the honeymoon is over. I realize that's all dark and shadowy but I've always been honest with you and that's where I'm at in this journey. And, this has been your off-grid-y news update.

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