Friday, March 1, 2013

Hot Times Ahead

Okay everyone, up on your feet. Hands in the air. Whoot! Whoot! Oh yea. Oh yea. Do a little happy dance. Oh yea. Oh yea. Thanks for celebrating with me. You heard it here first. We stopped by Bob's Sheet Metal and finishing paying for the HOT WATER SYSTEM! The Husband is here at the cabin 24/7 now and we've got some help lined up for his portion of the project - sinking posts into the ground and building all the stuff the racks are going to be bolted into. Let's all dance about a bit more. Oh yea. Whoot! Whoot! can sit back down again.

This photo is prior to one of the racks maliciously attacking Diesel. That's Diesel's story and he's sticking to it. It was very traumatic so we're really not talking about it. We will get new photos of all the damage as we get closer to the install - both the rack and Diesel's leg. You have been spared the worst. Diesel's leg is pretty well healed. On second thought, you will get the picture of Diesel's leg only if he decides it okay for me to take a picture of it. Like I said, he's pretty sensitive about it and we're not allowed to stare. Nobody likes to be stared at. It's not polite and in the animal kingdom it is REALLY not polite, it's predatory.

So, we're all waiting on the weather now. As soon as it's green (versus it being Winter) we are a go and, did I mention, in HOT WATER! Oh yea! Whoot! Whoot!

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