Friday, August 17, 2012

Presenting The Ultimate Lady Cave/Studio

I mentioned that I've learned a lot in the first thirty days of having a studio.  What I really need and want in a studio is slowly unfolding and revealing itself to me. One of the biggest surprises has been how much space is enough space for me. Studio 319 is HUGE. I'm only using the front half of the building. I hung the canvases on the wall, parked my painting cart within easy, convenient reach; and the area just swallowed them. Space is good though. I feel like I need space to think, create. I especially appreciate space above my head as if that's where the ideas are all floating around. Studio 319 has tall walls. Every studio is unique to each individual artist. Studios are VERY personal. If you ever have the privilege of being invited in to see an artist's work space, you should proceed as if you are peeking into a boudoir. I'll be sharing more of my discoveries, but for now, I present The Ultimate Lady Cave/Studio.

Big, happy gasp. Girly squeal. Ooooooooo. All that's missing is the little cardboard sign with "No Boyz Allowed" scrawled in black crayon.

Photo: Martha Garstang Hill

Gasp. Ooooooo. LOVE this layout.

Kitchen! Nap spot! Pigments could really fly in the Studio area. For my needs, the back wall would be my painting wall; no desk; no book shelves and put the windows up higher where the shelves are currently pictured. 

Indoor facilities! The Husband would never see me again. Yes, I realize this makes me the perfect wife. There is a loft over the bathroom too. I would use this for finished works storage. I'd be tempted to add a little green house room off the bathroom for a claw foot tub. Sigh. I'm in love. Totally.

For the full article in Fine Home Building Ultimate Lady Cave/Studio


Susan said...

B, you must remember you always need a bit of space to dance. And how bout instead of "no boyz allowed" "only nice boys allowed"?

Bheki Naylor said...

Hi Susan. I'm not so sure about the nice boys only. The nice boy I know would be constantly raiding my frig. ; ) Thank you for reading and commenting.