Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We have lift-off

And so the Honey Do Dammit List receives a got 'er done check-mark for the first step in the quest for a hot shower in the Summertime. Roll the visuals please.

Shiny, shiney. Note: Three different kinds of bolts in the box. We liked how they were all assembled versus a bag of nuts, a bag of washer, etc.

Oooo. The Husband's tools. I will have to get into these when he's not around to watch me.

The Husband out in the Machine Shed putting together the frame. 

Proposed location, location, location.

The Husband adding the top piece.The top piece is a bit heavy and even though The Husband's soul purpose in life is to bug me, he chose to go with just having me help him move the rack from the Machine Shed to the location in the rain and not in the rain and heavy. How sweet.

Okay, after we know everything is together correctly, there will be a "owner addendum" to the instructions provided by the manufacturer post. The instructions provided weren't completely hideous just unclear. They were printed off on an ink jet printer that looked as if it needed new cartridges and cleaning so the pictures did not provide the necessary visual detail to clarify the written instructions. There were several un-assemble and reassemble moments because of this. 

We have three more things to do before final positioning and getting out that really fun marker spray paint to mark the spots for drilling the ground mount holes:

Move the dirt pile;

Get out the squeegee and pretend to knock snow off the PV array to make sure the hot water system is out of the way; and

Put the PV array in it's Summertime position to confirm clearance for tilting and check for shadows on the hot water system.

Another note: This is going to be pretty slow going. Our schedule (The Husband's swing shifts, two houses 650 miles apart, one house getting ready for market, two lawns, blah, blah...) has got us stretched a little thin but we'll peck away at it. The tortoise wins the race. Or in this case, a hot shower.

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