Saturday, May 12, 2012

Support Green and all it's tints and shades

Yes, my fingers are blue but blue and yellow make green so we'll go with it.

Because it's nice to be nice.

And now an Artist's perspective, warning, and sort of parable:

I am painfully aware that I live in a society and time that doesn't necessarily see the value of Art or Artists. The Husband was actually one of those members of society. Pause for shocked gasps of horror and a brief moment of disbelief. True story: BB (before Bheki) he actually said, to an Artist's face, that he didn't think any public funds should go to support the Arts. And look at what happened to him (the warning part). He now has his very own Artist, slopping paint everywhere, to support. Luckily, this provides for him a tour guide that sees and points out that which goes unnoticed by someone, well, normal, for lack of a better word. Now, The Husband, admittedly has had his mind blown wide open and lives in a richer, more colorful world. You're certainly welcome and I need another tube of Magenta.

In the magical, colorful, fun, and exciting cloud that my right brain prefers to hang out in, a color plus white is a tint and a color plus black is a shade. Value refers to lights and darks. Little color theory for you there. Anyway, as an Artist, I love all colors and their tints and shades.

It has come to my attention that there is a "Dirty Secret of Off-Grid Living" and there are dark green and light green individuals.

I thought the above article and it's comments were interesting and that the atmosphere was supportive regardless of whether someone was dark green or light green which does this Artist's heart good. I like to see human beings being nice, supportive of each other, and thinking/working together. And, Artistically speaking,  a successful painting has various colors and their tints and shades and balanced values. Something to consider on-canvas as well as off-canvas and off-grid.

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