Saturday, May 19, 2012

A modge podge of updates

First up:

Ah, our Garden Shed, retirement home of f-RAT (feLION Rodent Annihilation Team). Built by LR Contracting. I have always coveted the Sheds on the covers of the gardening magazines. Lonnie and his crew did an outstanding job. I just absolutely love this building. To the left of the building is a pile of fencing. In front is all our garden accents and f-RAT training equipment: stairs to scale, tiles to crawl through on one's feLION elbows. We also see that I've got a little blue board insulation that I have yet to cover up and put in the catnip bed. 

So, The Husband has been taking down the f-Rat pen from the Gibsonburg Farm and moving it up here. He's got one more load of fencing to bring up. This is pretty amazing as the pen is 60 x 130 and he's been bringing it all up in the Prius. The Prius is quite cavernous in addition to being able to put $6 worth of gas in it and go 80 or more miles. It's looking like four Prius loads brought all that up here. 

This weekend (remember our weekends are not on THE weekend i.e. Saturday and Sunday) The Husband will be finished taking down the pen in Ohio and bringing it home. WHICH MEANS, that we'll be done with that project and we will be putting together the frame for the EOS and getting the tractor out to drill some holes for the mount and getting all the mount lumber and hardware ordered. While the tractor is out, we'll be covering up the blue board and getting the Garden Shed and surrounding area ready for the f-RAT training ground and garden. Next, will be getting the mount all built and sunk and digging the 50 feet of trench for the loop and then we'll call in Roger.

The EOS is much needed as I officially declared the heating season over around May 12th. I've had a couple of tepid showers and one WHOO-HOO THAT'S COLD! shower and it is going to be WHOO-HOO THAT'S COLD! showers until the EOS is up and running. 

And then we have this:

Reference this post towards the bottom. You're looking for NEWSFLASH.

My first clue, exposed fabric with the underlying stone, that we may have yet another problem with another contractor's work.

My second clue, an exposed pipe that The Husband stuck his nose to, gave a whiff and then reeled back so fast he nearly broke the sound barrier. Note the cut on the right. (You should be able to click the pic for an enlargement.)

I'm going to stop here for now. 

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