Monday, May 21, 2012

From the Dept. of Homeland Security

Diesel. Sigh. I'm almost at a loss for words. Diesel is truly the oddest horse I have ever known and I've had horses pretty much all my life. He appears more comfortable here now that this has been his home for a little over a year. He's grazing more of the acreage this Spring. Last year, with the exception of finding a trail to the neighbors and performing a free, organic mowing and fertilization service; he stayed pretty close to the cabin, barn, and garden shed. I see him becoming more territorial and aggressive with offending wildlife and the few incoming vehicles that dare pull back here. He charges the vehicles just like your dog would. Only, it's 17 hands and 1200 pounds of charging animal. I really don't like that he does this because it's irresponsible and rude to let your animals do something like that. But, it's his yard. If I know someone is coming over, I put him up. The deer come out of the woods to browse our Diesel's clearing after Diesel has been put up for the night. We have pretty much daily visits of coyote. Diesel runs them off. Ears forward, he does an easy jog in their direction and they scoot back into the woods with tails between their legs. Everyone always asks me, "coyote or wolf." I always tell them I don't know the difference. "Oh, you'll know." I never really gave it much thought until this past week. OMG, they weren't kidding. Remember when you were a young child reading Little Red Riding Hood, and seeing the picture of the scary big, bad wolf. Yep. They've got huge paws. They have a distinct body shape. They carry their heads low like they're going to eat you. Crap, they are scary. We aren't sure if they were eyeing up Pumpkin (Diesel's bad little donkey friend) or the compost pile Pumpkin was near. Diesel chased them off once. They came right back. Cripes, I thought I didn't like having to tell somebody more than once. Twelve hundred pissed off pounds of "I said this is my yard Dawg" tore after them again. Diesel isn't usually that aggressive and it concerns me that he felt the need to be that aggressive. They ducked into the woods and haven't come back.Yet. Meanwhile, Beware of the Guard Horse.

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