Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another kind of Green

Gardening! I have been wanting to garden forever. One would think that someone who grew up in the country would have a lot of gardens and gardening experience under her belt. Especially, someone who grew her own hay. Not so. Shocking but true. This is my third garden ever. I'm off to a late start which eliminated the need for grow lights back when we were still having shorter day light hours. So, here's what I've got so far.

A shelf in the Garden Level next to the sliding patio door on the South side of the cabin.

The seeds require warm water. Note the water bottles on the lower shelf of the masonry heater. This keeps the water warm enough without cutting into my limited hot water supply especially now that I'm  firing the Garden Level heater only once a day as it seems Spring is really here and temperatures are warming up to where it's almost time to quit firing the heaters all together.

Of course, I get feLION assistance with ALL of my endeavors.

Here's flat number one at one week old. I'm starting another flat this week and trying the whole succession planting thing so we don't have 3000 pounds of veggies all at once. I'm particularly excited at the variety of plants in this flat as I had a bit of a problem in my very first garden. I was doing time in the city and had a tiny little, hand dug garden. I accidentally spilled an entire packet of cucumber seeds. I almost didn't plant cucumbers for this garden because what followed traumatized me. It was the monster cucumber patch that nearly took over Columbus, Ohio. I was hauling grocery sacks of cucumbers around and giving them away to everyone. The vines took over the lot and were headed for all the surrounding neighbors. Fall couldn't come quick enough. So far the three cucumber seeds that I planted this time are behaving themselves. 

I have more seeds that I will direct sow after the threat of frost which is May 30th here in the UP.

Overall, I'm pleased so far. Now I need to prepare the raised beds. Yes, and install the solar thermal hot water system. 

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