Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Somebody needs a nap!

This blog has always been about providing the real experience of living off-grid. The exciting path I've been on the last almost three years exactly was smooth in some spots, bumpy in others, and really dusty in a lot of spots. Let's not forget the uphills. Or the apparent unsurmountable mountain of a goal of getting a well insulated building which one would think is as basic as a foundation. Seems a dangerous curve in the road just popped up out of no where. I found myself saying, "Okay, I'm done camping. I've had enough." I know. What a baby. It gets even worse. I'm so disappointed in the way the cabin turned out and the piece of crap that our machine shed is, that I actually thought about moving back to our Ohio Farm. What a BIG baby. I see where and how the lack of quality of our remodel is affecting our green systems performances. It makes a lot more work for me than what it has to be. It uses more resources which definitely goes against our green goals. The point is, though, there will be days that living off-grid will seem a challenge you're no longer able or willing to meet. I don't think it had/has to be as hard as it has been/is at times for us but everyone will have his/her/their own challenges. So, hang in there, it's just a human moment of discouragement and time for a nap.

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