Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quickie update and (more) off topic stuff

While the weather has still been mild, we're rapidly approaching mid-May and this is usually when we have evening temps in the 40's. This is too warm to fire the downstairs heater at all. We all know what that means: YIKES! COLD showers for Bheki. So, it's time for Bheki and The Husband to move their butts and get the solar hot water system project started AND finished AND working. Either The Husband will work on his "Honey Do Dammit" List and Roger will be out to get the frame or whatever you call the thing that the tubes sit in (I'm not sure because honestly something else shinier had my attention when The Husband was talking to me) assembled OR The Husband will ditch his multi-volume, encyclopedic "Honey Do Dammit" list and assemble it. He mentioned something about WANTING to assemble it but he's been very busy disrupting electronic communications and whatever else I've blocked from my awareness so he hasn't locked in his final answer yet. Once the frame is together, we'll finalize the location and game plan for "planting" it in the ground. So that's the Hot Water Dept. update.

I never came out and directly said this but ALL other projects have been placed on the back burner indefinitely. Yes, the wind turbine. Oh. I know. Let's all pause in the air of disappointment for a moment here.

Okay, moving right along. NEWSFLASH: More from the "You've got to be f'ing kidding me department." I'm getting ready to get the tractor out and do some more cleaning so I was looking at the septic system drain field. I've never been impressed with the finish grading and there's all these rocks laying around at the one end where I was going to work on blending the grade into the surrounding area. Why yes, it's that bad that even I can do better. Then I noticed something. At first I thought, "more shit laying around from the previous owners to clean up." Wait a minute. That's fabric. Oh crap. (Look at all those puns.) What the f...A PIPE! COLORFUL METAPHOR! COLORFUL METAPHOR! There's a drain field pipe and it's COLORFUL METAPHOR! gouged. Sarcasm approaching. And yet, more impressive work. Disgusted sigh. So, now that's on my "More stupid shit to deal with list." (That pun is actually kind of funny. I just love words.)

And now for some kind of exciting, albeit, off topic news:

OH SQUEAL OF UTTER DELIGHT! I'm just one of the many contributors in this recently released book. I'm on Page 127 and 162. Page 162 is kind of my secret so my secret is out now. Just a little excited so let me read it to you: "I can treat anything in my life as art, including time." That was from page 162. The interesting thing is I feel all, "Oh, my writing in print; big, long sniff to take in the smell of my copy of the book (as apposed to sniffing my iPad); my name in print with oh, my writing, oh cool, I like it." Now I really, really want to write my own book so I can have my name on the cover and have all the words be mine and read it and sniff it.

I just realized that we talked of septic system issues and sniffing books in the same blog post. Hmm?

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