Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another kind of Energy

I haven't been working on any of my projects. Loosing Mars has been really hard on the cabinhold (aka household). Shortly after his death, there was a full moon. With the full moon brings the feLION Full Moon Hunting Party. Mars always went in for the toothless kill about a half hour after the feLIONesses bounced around and patted at the doomed rodent. Without Mars, the feLIONesses hunted all night long. At one point, Fancy got caught in the cross-fire and her ear got clawed. Crap. I finally got Mike up with the sun and he, with the help of the feLIONesses, moved the watt sucking frig around and scooped the rodent up in a cup and covered it with a heavy piece of junk mail. Then, the fearless Husband released the rodent about 300 feet away from the cabin at the edge of our forest. Just a bit of salt for the Missing Mars wound. So, my personal energy has been a bit low. Comes with being bummed out. Low energy has a way of attracting negative energy. Lately, I feel like I've been pelted with negative energy showers repeatedly. Feels icky. Gosh, I hope this doesn't sound too weird. I think we've all experienced the heebie jeebies or the creepies or the ickies. I'm not weird; I'm creative. Oh well, too late now. Anyway. We've been having gorgeous weather. The snow is melting away. The system has been hitting float by noon for at least two weeks. At least the batteries are full of useful energy.With the glorious weather and Equinox fast approaching, I'm starting to feel waves of Spring energy flow. That ought to yank me up by my bootstraps. In the Spirit of Spring and shedding some negative energy, I'm hopping on the Spring Cleaning band wagon. With that, it's a good time to take the Communications Systems down so The Husband can work on it. He's been trying some different things out but it's starts and stops so we're just going to stop for awhile to give him the space to really work on it. I have the last of our worldly possessions from the other house to work on. I'll be back when I've got my energy straightened out. In the meantime, the solar energy is cranking.

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