Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Size matters

Hang on a minute, I have to stop laughing at The Husband. He's all aghast and uncomfortably shifting and cringing and telling me I can't say that. Okay, tower height. (Size matters, size matters, size matters. Still snickering.) Seriously though, DETERMINING TOWER HEIGHT. Eighty foot tower or one hundred foot tower? That 'tis the question. Mike would prefer that the turbine NOT be visible over the tree tops from the main road. Heavy sigh from Bheki. And an eye roll.

Enter meeting more neighbors. Mike and I have recently, finally met our neighbors the road over who own the turbine I covet. They have an amazing organic farm: hay and honey. They have an amazing home and buildings: rescued, recycled, and rebuilt. Any and everyone can see their turbine from the main road. While Mike and I are completely enamored and encouraged by the sight of this power producing whirly-gig and breathe a love-sick sigh every time we see it, there are people out there, believe it or not, that do not share our feelings. Which is fine: to each his/her own. However, some people can become quite rude about passionately expressing their feelings and opinions on something they are, quite frankly, ignorant about. While we'd rather not attract any unwanted attention, I want to maximize my return on my investment and get the most power I can from our turbine. Usually, this means the higher up, the stronger the winds. At least, that's my point in the brain storming so far. Remember the rule in brain storming? No laughing, ridiculing, eye-rolling or foofing others' ideas. Apparently, we are going to be getting a few balloons, tying them to a one hundred foot string, and hoping they float up high enough to make the string taunt while we drive up and down the main road to see if we can see the balloons. The backup plan is a kite. Sorry, eye-rolls are really hard to control. I'll let you know how it goes.

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