Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Here we go!

Is everybody ready? I think I'll use the same disclaimer I use when someone gets in the passenger seat of the Jeep: Please fasten your seatbelt, remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop, and NO screaming. Everybody securely fastened? 3....2....1....

photo credit: www.bergey.com 

The official GREAT WIND POWER PROJECT 2012 has begun! The WIND POWER TOWER is going in this Spring!

Because we're going to be digging and dumping concrete, we thought it most efficient and economical to dig and dump in a couple more spots in the yard while all the equipment and guys are here. The plan is for the posts for the deck off the back of the main level of the cabin to go in so a small concrete patio can be poured behind the cabin at the garden (or ground) level (remember, we've got that whole walk-out basement thing going on). Then we're going to spill a little more concrete just Southeast of the cabin for a....drum roll....FREAKIN' ART STUDIO FOR MOI! Just a little excited about the studio too. I had set up the Garden Level of the cabin as a painting studio. Between me and the feLIONs, it looks like we were visited by the ghost of Jackson Pollock. I tried to find space in our town for a studio but it became really frustrating. I gave up on the idea of a studio. With the new year, we started talking about what we'd like to work on. The topic of the turbine came up. When I conceded to play by the rules and go through zoning, we felt ready to take the leap and start the GREAT WIND POWER PROJECT 2012. Like I said, one concrete pile leads to the next and Mike suggested we put in the slab for the ART STUDIO.

I have emailed my favorite general contractor, Lonnie, of LR Contracting, Hancock, MI. We are penciled in for this Spring.

We have re-read, again, the five (5) pages of stuff that the township wants us to submit for their permission to do what we want on our property. Mike has a call in to Bergey for more information on what is included on their tower drawings. Zoning wants the tower drawings. We're hoping a contractor can work off these drawings for installation too. While Mike is working on the five (5) pages of stuff for zoning, I'm working on my own pile of stuff to get together for Lonnie for estimating. I have to finalize a couple of details on the Studio so I can go in to 41 Lumber for a materials list and estimate. I've had the drawings for the deck off the cabin since 2009. So, here we go!

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