Sunday, February 26, 2012

feLION challenges and Fine Home Building

Ferocious feLION Mars Black has been battling kidney disease this Winter. We have been trying fluid therapy and that's been working. He also has a tooth that is giving him some problems. The problem with the tooth just took a turn for the worse and he can't eat. We love our feLIONs so we're freaking out. Sometimes, we do set everything, including the blog, aside so we can try to focus our heart-achy, freaking out selves on helping our feLION family. Last week, Tiffany Anne came down with a urinary tract infection which after 5 days of antibiotics is finally getting better. Though she did pick up a sniffle-sneeze bug from the vet's office. Fancy has been on twice a day anti-seizure medication for years. So, feLION nurse is also a hat I wear. We were talking about how old our feLIONs are. The majority of our Pride is ten and over. This realization hit like a Mac truck. WHERE did the time go? Apparently, time flies when you're purring and napping in the Sun.

While I've been preoccupied with our feLION Pride, I did run across a really nice source of of information that I wanted to share with you. The magazine Fine Homebuilding has an issue out called The Best of Fine Homebuilding Energy-Smart Homes Winter 2012. Excellent, excellent articles in this issue. Due to air blowing straight into the cabin from our eaves, I found the article, A Crash Course in Roof Venting particularly interesting. It's good to know that the wind isn't blowing in the cabin because of just one little thing and that it was basically a complete botch job. Yippee, let's rip thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars of stuff apart so we can redo it all. Tear it down and start over? That's another post. Anyway, there were also several other articles showing fantastic side cuts of proper insulating and sealing, also, none of which were done to The Secret Cabin and explains some other cold spots and drafts. Heavy sigh. Anyway, super, super information that I thought you might be interested in. It's definitely information that could save you lots of bucks and trouble. Good job, Fine Homebuilding.

Back to feLION nurse duties.

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Sam said...

The drafts do sound like quite a problem. I have to wonder if the spot where hot air meets cold air has the potential to result in condensation, which could lead to moisture damage and mold.

At least it's been a mild winter. No ground cover (rolling hillsides of brown grass) in Eau Claire, WI for all for February... so far.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how the wind project goes. Keep the posts coming, I really enjoy the read. One of these days I'll have to get my act together and write a few new posts of my own :-)