Saturday, August 6, 2011

Closing another chapter

This Summer has been such a nice break from, well, the previous two years. The Husband has been moving our worldly possessions from the other house to the cabin one car load at a time. The cabin being smaller and the necessities already having been moved in, most of these worldly possessions were moved one more time and are now at Goodwill. As I get my sacred Creative Spa set up down in the Garden Level, I still feel the need to clear out more. I need lots of empty space, both physically and mentally, to play with my paints, markers, and pencils. My desk is ready for writing. My easel is set up and I'm working on a painting for myself. The more I work on my creative projects, the more space I need. So....

After much thought, I will no longer be blogging. I feel that we've kind of completed a cycle here on this blog. I hope you've gleaned some real-life information here to help you with your off-grid endeavors. Everyone's system is going to be different because we're all different with different lives and needs and wants. Just jump in. Yeah, the water is a little cold until you get the details hammered out but you'll be okay. Can you believe we used to run through sprinklers as kids? Making your own power is like growing your own food; it is challenging and satisfying to provide for yourself. Thank you for walking along with me on this part of my journey; I think I'll head that a way now....


offgridcabin said...

I. Don't. Believe. It.

I find it hard to believe that with with flurry of activity happening at and around the cabin that you will be able to resist the urge to blog about it. How will I ever find out if the battery monitor works or if wind power gets the green light?

Thanks for the blog - I know I benefitted from it (and not just in campfire wood; though Sarah and I were very grateful and very much enjoyed 4 campfires worth of firewood). Keep in touch. If you ever want a tour of the off grid cabin let me know (or if you happen to be in need of firewood - we are currently trying to get rid of a few trailer loads of hardwood left over from thinning the ridge, which if I was smart I would have taken some before leaving on a camping trip).

Best of luck, Sam

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing what you have with living off the grid. It has been very informative, entertaining and appreciated!

bheki said...

Sam, It was fantastic to meet you and Sarah. After Mike retires, we may have to take you up on the tour of your place. Thank you for reading!

Anonymous, thank you, too for reading and your kind words. It was my honor to share....and entertain. : )

Spydiweb said...

Thankyou for the time and information you have put into your blog. I hope you find your artistry and writing very rewarding, I wish you and your husband good luck with your offgrid living. I hope it is a long and trouble free relationship.
Thanks Again your stories and muses they will be missed by me and many others.