Monday, July 11, 2011


Well, I've not put a fire in the Garden Level heater for about three weeks now which means NO HOT WATER. Yep, COLD showers. One actually gets used to it. The cold water doesn't dry out your skin and my skin feels softer - after the goosebumps go away. And one's face has NO pores after a cold shower. And it is absolutely amazing how little water and how quick a shower one can take when there's no hot water - quick wet down, woohoo, shut the water off, suds up, turn the water back on, woohoo, rinse. Done! Cool, crisp, and refreshed just like a York Peppermint Patty. So, The Husband took his first cold shower last week. He stopped on his way down state for work at Bob's Sheet Metal to get a couple of quotes on adding electric hot water. Why, yes, I am giggling at my Husband. I will get the particular details to you on element wattage and how it affects our electric production and usage. Of consideration, is our inverter. Husband is sleeping and snoring (too bad snoring doesn't produce power) but I believe that our inverter can handle 3500 or 4500 watts. I'll confirm or deny that when I can layout all the details for you. In the meantime, you are cordially invited to practice living off-grid by taking a cold shower. Woohoo!


offgridcabin said...

What, no solar hot water system? I'm just kidding (though I've done a bit of reading on them). Will the Inverter power an electric heater (tankless on demand?). Is a water softener next to fend of mineral build up in the water heater and prolong its high effeciency and useful life?

This is fresh on my mind - we have plenty of minerals in our water at the cabin and a water softener is on my ol' man's wish list (just the hot water line - we like our un-messed-around-with cold mineral water).

bheki said...

Alas, no solar hot water system. I get light headed just reminiscing about the quote we received for that system. Inverter can't handle the size electric on demand heater we would need. We're actually waiting to here back from the water treatment company we dealt with down at our other house (the one for sale). We're pretty sure we don't need a water softener here. The well was tested before we started using it so we got an analysis of our water. We get a very light iron film here. We're thinking (hoping) we can get away with just an iron filter. The timer will use some juice but we don't know how much. We can always shut the timer off and run it manually. They may have one w/o a timer. Not sure. Water is really pretty good here, however, I don't care for the taste of the iron and I really don't care for the scrubbing of the fixtures. Those GOTTA be sparkly white.