Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thinking required

So, we have our quote from Roger of Bob's Sheet Metal for a different hot water set up. We're still thinking. Some new information has come to light regarding wind turbines which affects the hot water system design. I'm sure The Husband probably told me at least fifty-three times that the turbine has to have a "dump zone." We'll be making power hand over fist in the summer. The excess power from the turbine has to go somewhere. So, we're at the design drawing board on this. First, we need to make a call to our local $200 a month electric bill Electric Company and see if they, at their expense, want to run a line back to the cabin. We had a quote of $8,000 to start to bring a line back here. That $8k bought a lot of equipment here. But, I vaguely remember that Electric Companies, by the year 2012, need to have a certain percentage of their power from renewable resources. Or something like that. If they want to buy power from us, that's fine and the utility company will be our dump zone and we will continue to run off our own system and not purchase any electricity from them; if they don't, that's fine too and we'll plan accordingly. While I'm dreaming of, oh, I don't know, maybe an electric powered infrared sauna as a dump zone; we need to make sure whatever we do, we'll meet our hot water goals of hot showers and hot dish washing water without fires in the Summer; hot showers, hot dish washing water, hot water in the radiant floor heating for the bathroom and front porch in the Winter. Once we know if we have to come up with our own dump zone, we need to lock in our final answer on the turbine. Then we'll start looking at balancing all those numbers (watts) with our needs. My brain hurts.

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