Monday, July 18, 2011

Like one of those vacuum robots

Only it mows the field. And it's all terrain. Doesn't use any of the cabin's power. With it super hot this is one of Diesel's favorite spots in the "yard." It's kind of low and I think it's cooler. I wasn't real sure how we were going to handle the pasture situation here at The Secret Cabin when we first moved the animals in. I've got a decent size round pen for him. We used it last fall when he first got here. This winter was so  cold, he didn't want out of the barn. Plus, I was worried about frost bite. In the spring, we started using the round pen again. At first, I would lead him from the round pen to the barn in the evening. Then, I started letting him just make his own way to the barn. When I was confident that he was settled in and that it looked like he felt the barn was his home, I started just opening the gate to his pen in the barn and let him roam the property. Apparently, his jobs are mowing, chasing deer, chasing coyote, supervising my every move and following me around as if he were a dog, standing in the UPS man's way, and greeting everyone that comes up the drive. Be forewarned, it's a little Jurassic Park. All that's missing is the screaming and roaring. 

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