Wednesday, June 1, 2011


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It's the first of the month and time to turn another page over on the calendar. Also, the first is a great time to start something new. I'm announcing a new (additional) blog. Becoming a Writer in a Cabin in the Woods. The new blog will be about my journey in becoming a "real" writer. I will be sharing all the dark, mysterious, juicy, behind the scenes goings-on in the thrilling adventure of becoming a writer and discovering what that entails. I mean, do I need a new outfit for this? At least shoes, probably. I hope I don't have to start drinking coffee to be a writer. I love the smell of coffee but I don't care for the taste and I can not handle caffeine. I can feel my pupils dilating after I have caffeine. Never fear, I will be keeping the focus of The Secret Cabin blog on off-grid living. I do want to "remodel" The Secret Cabin blog into more of a website so it is easier for someone that's interested in off-grid living to find certain information. First things first, today I am setting up my Writer's Spa. Today, I take my first step in becoming a "real" writer.

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