Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Numbers, please!

Your's truly in the middle.

Running my pattern. Notice everyone else standing in line waiting her turn also.

Nailing the pattern. Note number on my back.
Bonus pic. Okay, I'm indulging myself. This horse was AWESOME and I just wanted to include another picture of him. His stable name was Jag as in the expensive sports car. Oh, and no, I'm not telling you how long ago. Was I any good?
I look back on my life and think I was lucky to have rode such good horses.

Back in the day, your's truly, showed horses. I don't show anymore, I just feel every single second that I did. Every single second in the ring that I stood at attention, which for the larger shows could mean 45 minutes, dressed from head to toe in hat, long sleeves, pants, and boots in the summer at the other end of the lead from an 1100 pound, hooved beast that would rather be grazing. At the end of the showmanship class, the ring stewart or announcer would ask, "NUMBERS, PLEASE!" That was the exhibitors' directive to turn your back to the judge so he/she could see the number on your back for the purpose of placing the class. Time has changed the way they run the classes. There's no more standing in the ring while each person runs his/her pattern. An exhibitor enters the ring one at a time, runs the pattern, and then exits the ring. Schew, you can go relax. After everyone is done running his/her pattern, all the horses are brought back into the ring and lined up for a brief inspection so you don't have to stand there at attention forever. Time has changed the meaning of "Numbers, please" for me too. Instead of the exhibitor number on my back, it's watts and amps and volts, oh my! Keeping in mind that our items have not been plugged into a watt meter for accuracy, the inverter uses 24 watts, the circulation pump for hot water through the Garden Level masonry heater is using 18 watts, the Telular (our phone thingie) is about 12 watts, the Apple router (wireless network hub) is about 12 watts, and the Wilson amplifier (to boost our signal for the phone thingie) is about 12 watts. It'll be interesting to see how these numbers compare when we get a watt meter and measure them. When we unplug any of the three electronics (Telular, Apple, Wilson), the inverter shows .1Kw less, which could be from 10-19 watts. If we idle at 80 watts, then we are using 1920 watts/day just idling.  The watt sucking frig is rated at 1296 watts/day. If you do some really rough calculations, we need (roughly) 3 hours of sun per day to take care of our idling loads with the watt sucking frig plugged in. Or, if we have 3 days worth of backup power (battery supplied power), we need 9 hours to recharge the batteries if we go 3 days without sun. Uh, after all that I'm not sure which "Numbers, please" is easier. 

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