Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring 2011 Notes to Self

Time to change the blog header. Here's the usual angle. I'm bored and the sun is not in the best spot for a picture from said usual, boring angle. Spring Note to Self: Snow and large, sweeping spots of bare, beautiful bare, ground.

Yes, a different angle but not knocking my socks off. Yawn. Note lots of bare ground around cabin.

And the winner is this photo. Solar panels looking sexy with that sun drenched pouty make love to the camera look, southern exposure and lots of bare naked, brown ground, getting ready to green up. 

More Spring 2011 Notes to Self: Plugged frig back in on March 11th. Last ran generator March 20th in the late evening for a couple of hours and again for a few hours the morning of the 21st to top off system. Snow/rain mix the first day of Spring. Slower, more gradual snow melt this year compared to last year. Driveway voted hands down, second year running, The Messiest, Funnest by The 4 Wheel Drive Rodeo Association. When daytime temps are 40 with sun, no fire in AM necessary on main level. In fact, doN'T do it or roasting will be inevitable. If evening temps are in 30's, again, no fire on main level. Fires, both AM and PM, on lower Garden Level, when 40 daytime/30 nighttime maintains hot water and comfortable temps throughout the entire cabin. Overall, this was a cold Winter but not much snow. We bought the cabin and closed on it on March 29, 2006 and then we went snowshoeing on the property to celebrate. There was A LOT more snow that year. No bare spots and good snowshoeing. Spring 2010 was early and melted off in a matter of days. Lots of running water and property drained quickly. 

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