Sunday, April 17, 2011

A brief moment of identity theft

Moving to a little cabin in the woods and cutting our strings from the utility grid has had a domino effect on other parts of our lives. The past two years has been like little grains of sand rolling and shifting as each footstep sinks into a sun warmed beach during a stroll along the lake. Shifting. Adjusting. Changing. I believe that we’re here on this Earth to learn from each other. I’m not saying I’m right but this is what gives my life a little bit of meaning. Maybe one person will grow a row to share with the community food bank. Maybe someone else will raise a family. Someone else, create beauty through words, art, architecture. I’ve tried to share our journey. Maybe in some small way one person will benefit. The other day I discovered a place on the internet where someone posted the recanting of our experience with our first general contractor, which we all remember was not a moment of strolling along a beach. This “identity thief” went as far as impersonating my writing and speech style, however, they went too far and crossed a line and shed The Husband and I in a bad light. The alleged “identity thief” divulged a medical condition of one person involved and referred to the workmen as drug addicts. First, I would never divulge someone else’s medical condition. NOT cool. That is something very, very personal and no one else’s business. I have my own issues and I feel VERY strongly about this. Secondly, I did NOT look down my nose at the workmen and EVER even think they were drug addicts. Yes, I wanted more quality work faster from these guys. The fact I had high expectations from the crew should say something. However, we needed the owner of the company out here to help all of us and we never got that help and we - me and the workmen - were all frustrated with the job. The owner of the company was NOT listening to me and I get very frustrated when I can't get through to someone. We’re all human beings and human beings make mistakes. Yes, this includes me too, unfortunately. Overall, we think the cabin looks beautiful and we’re happy with the way it looks. There are parts of the cabin/project that we can look at and say, “you know, Ben did a really good job on that wall”; or, “Bez really has a lot of patience to be able to do what he did on that gable end”, or, "It's a miracle that's plumb, there's some kind of optical illusion thing going on with the elevation - I saw Murph check, check, and recheck that - he did got it spot on", or, “Man, Eric and Jake, rocked that South wall, looks like something in a magazine of fancy schmancy homes.”  I relish those memories. There are other parts, a lot of them, that after all that time and effort, we still have work to do to get it right. A lot of work to do. It’s disappointing. But our biggest disappointment has been what comes after we’re all human. That’s standing up and making things right. At least try. It’s harder for me to accept that I have been failed in that human area by another human. My feelings actually get hurt and this “identity theft” moment was no different. In addition to this person signing this post Mike and Becky (which is not how I spell my name by the way), they used gordongecko as the screen name. Gordon Gekko was a character in a movie that is (in)famous for his, “Greed is good” declaration. I am hurt and offended that someone would think that The Husband and I are greedy. Are we greedy because we’ve gone for our dreams? Or do you think it’s greedy because YOU doN’T have the COURAGE to go for your dreams? It’s fairly easy to deduce that one who would take this unwelcomed and unappreciated liberty to impersonate us and sign our names to something we didn’t write, sadly, lacks courage in general. Life takes courage. Your knees can be knocking; you try anyway; that's courage. We feel violated, betrayed, misrepresented, and misunderstood. I posted a “Hey gordongecko, your experience sounds freakishly like ours....” message. This was enough to get the post of gordongecko, the “identity thief,” removed along with the one I posted and some other posting that went too far.  Now, I am reconsidering the future of this blog, my facebook page, my tweeting, and even my face to face communications. While I still think we’re all here to learn from each other, I don’t like what I’ve been learning lately. Perhaps WHY? I’m here is shifting too. We make our own electricity, heat, and hot water. Yes, it’s hard work and it’s challenging for me. Heck, it’s even knocked over twenty pounds off my carcass and I’m well on my way to having arms like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 (I think that’s the right one). But when I turn on a light switch, watch the feLIONs nap in front of the heater, or wash the dishes in hot soapy water, I feel like I’m five years old again proudly showing off my macaroni and glitter masterpiece, “Look what I did!” There is a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Now, I just need to decide whether or not I’m going to take my sand bucket and shovel and stomp off and go play by myself and not in cyber space. 


Anonymous said...

I personally hope you don't stomp off and go play by yourself. I quite enjoy your writing on your entire experience. I am a solar installer up in Canada, I must say you have given me many things to think about. Quite often I am asked about offgrid setups. I also point them to your blog as it is true and honest.

Please don't run away because of some jerk

bheki said...

Thank you very much. That seriously means a lot to me.

Anonymous said...

I take it by the post"s your not going to run away yet


Thank you