Monday, April 18, 2011

Another episode of

Adventures in Cooking, cooking, cooking, cooking, cooking (read as echo trailing off).

In previous episodes, we've darned near drained our batteries running the crock pot all night, on another occasion, successfully hard boiled eggs in said crock pot, learned NOT to turn the microwave on at the precise moment the water pump kicks on while the refrigerator is running when The Husband just happens to turn the key on the generator. In today's exciting episode, we make like an arsonist and douse the front porch in denatured alcohol in an effort to experiment in the kitchen with basically a glorified Bunsen burner.

The perfect opportunity to test drive a new kitchen gadget presented itself when we had a Winter storm over the weekend. The batteries were running a little low so I did not want to use any electricity to cook.

First, let's talk about the denatured alcohol part. Do the words terrific mess mean anything to anyone. Well, at least the alcohol pretty much evaporates after you sop up the majority of the puddles with paper towels. In hindsight, of course. Rule #1 Do NOT purchase the gallon size container of denatured alcohol UNLESS you have a turkey baster to syphon the alcohol out of the giant, too big for girl-y hands, container. That's it. Just that one rule, but VERY important. I'd say critical even.

Next, here it is. The big reveal of the glorified Bunsen burner. Commercial time. Just kidding. I present to you....

The CookMate Safe-Flame Alcohol Stove, Model 1600, sporting All-Clad's stainless steel petite braiser. Oooo, shiny, shiny. We got this stove from Jamestown Distributors  They are a "wholesale marine and building supplies" outfit. The Husband also got a gizmo for the jumble of stuff that is our phone.


Ta da, it worked. Nothing fancy. Just some browned ground turkey with garlic, oregano, and organic spinach with a side of raw organic baby carrots and organic apple blackberry sauce.

I like this little cooking gadget. You will need to decide the economics for yourself. The denatured alcohol is really a little expensive especially for dousing the front porch. I will definitely pick up a turkey baster and more denatured alcohol the next time I'm out and about so I can use my little Bunsen burner stove thingie again especially on a day with low batteries. Oh, and you will also want to get the long, giant matches. Watch when you strike it though. A spark flew and landed on my counter top and made a tiny burn mark. Which leads me to one last caution. Do be mindful of the flammables. Note that I slopped the alcohol around on the porch away from the kitchen and where I was going to be striking the match and using the stove. Bon appetite even if the sun isn't shinning.

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