Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ut oh, clouds and snow

Everything was just sunshine and roses with temperatures hitting 40 for two days in a row. Forty degrees outside and the porch warmed up to 60 degrees. I was concerned about food safety so I plugged in the watt sucking frig and filled it with about $100 worth of food. Cue the clouds and snow. Sigh. I did not feel like heaving the generator out. Could I make it? I pulled the plug on the wireless hub, my notebook sat drained and unused, and the iPad flashed it's low battery notification. I also put the watt sucking frig on vacation mode. (I think it doesn't run it's defrost/dehumidifier when it's in vacation mode. We couldn't really find anything in the manual and the outsourced to another country, barely english speaking customer service person didn't know a darned thing about the frig.) What's that? Waaa-waaa wind to a stop? I still needed to cook for myself.  I went ahead and used the masonry heater to cook. The heater was too hot at lunch time, but it was cool enough for an early dinner. It only took about 30 minutes to cook three skinless, boneless chicken breasts with olive oil and rosemary. In the pictures, I had pulled the chicken apart with a fork to check for doneness. This was the first time I used a dutch oven and the third time I've cooked in the masonry heater. This is Lodge's size 8 dutch oven.
I even followed the directions and put coals on top.

Done, but not over done.

Yeah, needs a salad but they didn't have any organic spinach at the store that wasn't past it's expiration date. I ate the organic baby carrots raw for some crunch. Pretty good if I do say so myself.

We made it through the night and into this afternoon without having to haul out the generator. The sun is blazing, everything is plugged in, recharging, off vacation mode, and the system is floating. Sunshine and roses! Well, maybe not roses---yet.

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