Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crock pot incident near miss

Pork loin roast with potatoes and artichokes

Obviously, oh so painfully, embarrassingly, obviously, I'm learning as we go along here. After narrowly escaping a crock pot induced need to get the generator out incident, I will NOT be running the crock pot all night. Ever again. Here's the deal. We've got animals. Animals do great when kept on a schedule. By great I mean lower stress, excellent health, lower vet bills, less clawing, and less tearing the barn down when the service is slow. Sometimes, it feels like there's so much to do NOW, before someone tears the barn down or rips my legs into bloody ribbons of flesh, that I just do the chores and take care of the animals and the cranium leaves the body to fend for itself. Craniums do that. They go off on little daydream vacations. Usually, about that time something goes, "WHAM!" Or in our case, whirls in slow motion to a stop and then an alarm goes off. By the time I finished chores and got around to pretending (humming, opening and closing the cupboards and watt sucking refrigerator a lot, using every measure spoon ever manufactured, and using a quantity of herbs that at the very least required an entire acre of ground to grow) I can cook, it was late afternoon. That meant the crock pot got started cooking late and was plugged in when darkness fell. In fact, it ran over night, all night. Luckily, we had just enough sun the following two days to eek by. I went into my normal "def con shut as much down as I could" mode. Today, it's super sunny and we're floating and I've got everything back on full blast. In conclusion, throw the cranium in gear, any gear is better than none, check the weather, weather permitting, pretend to know how to cook and do all the prep work in the afternoon while the sun is shining. Then, get up the next morning about 15 minutes earlier than usual and throw the bowl of food prepared the day before into the crock pot, plug it in and it should be done by the time the sun slips back below the tree tops. Also, now I know that I need to menu plan for the week not only with the coupons and store specials fliers but with the weather in mind. Yes, still learning as we go. Obviously.

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