Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Carbon Footprint Step in the...

lighter and righter direction.

Photo credit Toyota's website

Back in the dark, dusty, musty corners of our brains was this niggling, unrestful feeling regarding our hideous gasoline consumption with our "fleet." Both The Husband and I had Jeep Wranglers. We love everything about our Jeeps except for the gas mileage. Here at The Secret Cabin, we're not far from town and I can get down the driveway (basically, a two-track or logging road, picture an old, wagon wheel rutted trail of tears) when it's at its ugliest. However, The Man, aka Cheap Geek in a Jeep, our version of Geek Squad/Nerd Herd seeing how he fixes the computers of all those he works with and knows for cookies, iTunes cards, pizza, etc., darned near depleted this country's fossil fuel reserves. So, he rented a Toyota Prius from Labadie Auto Company, Bay City, near Saginaw, Michigan on his most recent trip home from work. (The Man still has roughly 312 working days until retirement. Not that we're counting.) This is terrible so brace yourself. No, it's too embarrassing. Okay. It was cheaper to rent the Prius and put a tank of gas in it and drive it all the way through lower Michigan, over the lake and through the woods, than it would have been for The Man to drive the Jeep home. Pause for shock and gasps horror. A Prius payment plus gas on the Prius is actually a vast improvement in our monthly budget. And it meets our other environmental/life style goals. That's the bottom $ line. Now, for the super duper interesting part. The car is really fascinating. I'm still trying to compute all the stuff this automobile does. Let's start with getting into the car. No key. Correct. The car detects the little electric box thingie on a key ring while it's still in your pocket and when you grab the door handle and pull, it let's you in. There is a button to push to start the car. There's a display in the dash and if you want to access some other information it looks like a freaking hologram over the display in the background. I can't drive The Space Ship Prius yet because I'm too busy watching the little display that shows me that I'm, get this, NOT USING GASOLINE, to motor on down the road. What?! Eventually, I'll get used to the idea and I'll be able to drive The SS Prius but for now I'm awestruck while watching the little arrows in the display showing me that now that we're speeding along, the gas engine is charging the electronics. IT'S FREAKING MAKING IT'S OWN POWER. OMG, duct tape my solar power generating loving butt down to my seat! So, The Cheap Geek in a Jeep, traded in his Jeep with my assuring him that he can borrow mine (for short trips and if he bribes me with flowers and/or candy). Everyone at Labadie was super nice so don't be afraid to stop in if your looking for your own SS Prius. Or, Mike's Jeep is still there for at least week if you're just looking for a weekend "swamper". It's stock, has a nice stereo and ready to hang out in someone's shop to rock it out with some after market "jewelry" and go play. Super solid and clean body. Still running like there's no tomorrow. If you've always wanted a weekend 4x4 but perhaps your better half always says "NO!", this may be your chance as it has high miles on the odometer but the price will probably be right. Check with our salesperson, Brach Marker 866.597.0416. In the meantime, don't hate us because we're getting 50 mpg!

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