Saturday, February 12, 2011

Status Report

Recognize this?

The days have been slowly been getting longer for the past few weeks. This is the second morning in a row we've had sunshine. We are NOT putting a fire in the Main Level heater this morning. Yesterday, we put the fires in the heaters as usual. All the cats were stretched out as if it were the dog days of Summer. There are three phases in charging the batteries: bulk, absorption, and float. Yesterday, by 1 pm, we had reached the absorption phase solely through solar power generation. With more sunshine this morning, I'm wondering if we'll reach float (basically, fully charged, run around the house and turn everything on). The generator is getting a little mini-vacation. Woo hoo! Right now, the forecasts are predicting temperatures in the 30's this coming week. It'll be interesting to see what that does to the snow and the driveway. I've been sorting through the boxes that The Husband brings up every time he comes home. The Ohio Farm is almost devoid of our worldly possessions. Thank goodness. This is probably the most long, drawn out move known to womankind. Thoughts of gardening have been saving what little sanity I have. The Ohio Farm crop land has been leased out. I am looking for someone to farm the ground here at the cabin. I have submitted one of my famous architectural drawing plans, okay a sketch, to The Husband for my garden. They have been approved. I will be installing raised beds behind the cabin. We will be able to walk out the Garden Level into the Garden. There will be a path through the Garden to the Garden Shed. Happy sigh. I spend a fortune on organic berries and spinach so that is where I'm going to start. Starting small as I've never gardened in the UP. My plant purchase requisitions to The Husband have also been approved. The Husband has been busy sending off emails to what seems like everyone in search of someone who will sell a Kestrel turbine to us for installation by our own contractor. The Husband was beginning to get discouraged and entertaining our second choice in turbines. As usual, I made a pain of myself to get what we really need. The Kestrel handles gusts better than our second choice and generates more power at the lower wind speeds. It's also quieter. With the internet, you can run but you can't hide. We are now in touch with the distributer. He's positive, professional, able to answer our questions, and sell us a turbine to be installed by out own contractor. Now we need the Ohio Farm to sell. We have our real estate agent all lined up. He's got the market analysis completed. We're gearing up to get the place on the market when the weather gets just a bit better. I'm finally starting to feel settled in and like I'm living my life (rather than dealing with construction all the time). I noticed something. When I first wake up in the morning, before I can even see, I feel a brief moment of dread. Then, I turn my head and look across the clearing, see the trees and perhaps some deer and I feel all this tension leave my neck and shoulders. I knew I was a plant in the wrong growing conditions down at the Ohio Farm and I have wanted to be transplanted for ten and a half of the eleven and a half years I was root bound there. I know that is an awful thing to say but it's the truth. I knew it but I had no idea the extent of the hopeless dread. It makes waking up every morning at The Secret Cabin all the more awe-filled and magical.


offgridcabin said...

I'm excited to see what you guys do with wind. My dad and I have ruled it out for our camp and are instead looking for ways to increase efficiency. Standard road blocks - price, availability, installation cost, geography.

good luck with the projects; hopefully the tranquil nature of the wild life (deer) isn't lost once your garden is in.

bheki said...

We'll keep you posted on the wind project. Your camp is beautiful, you've got a nice system going. You never know, you might be able to add wind. Technology and pricing is always changing. I definitely understand the road blocks. We're trying to remain hopeful that our other will house sell. Otherwise, it'll be another Winter dragging the generator in and out of the cabin and keeping the food outside. The refrigerator is a watt sucker. I only have a small space for a frig - 24". We were also worried about getting something that could be serviced locally. I wish we could have found a frig as efficient as our wash machine. It's weird how all the little watts add up.

Speaking of food, I'm hoping The Husband has time to take down our cat fencing (which is the same as deer fencing) from our other house and bring it here for around my garden so everything remains tranquil with the natives (deer). : )