Saturday, February 19, 2011

Almost live on Twitter

So, to the left, I guess, if the blog gets thrown up on your screen the way it does mine, I have added a link to my Twitter page. I know Twitter has been around now forever (in cyber years) and by doing this, I have finally hopped on the right darn now train; however, trying to keep my computer skills up-to-date makes me feel older instead of younger. Sigh. At any rate, it can't hurt to gently stir the cells in that grey mush sloshing around behind my eyes and between my ears. I'll probably keep the Tweets to energy generation/usage/weather stats/pertinent household energy use activities. I'm hoping that Tweets make it more convenient for readers to to get a feel for daily life off-grid. If I understand correctly, a reader could subscribe and have my Tweets conveniently fed to said reader, then it would be just like you were living here. Kinda, because if you were really here, I'd try to put you to work. I've already done my first Tweet.

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