Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What is my f*ing problem?

 Brrrr, baby, brrrr. The mercury is bottoming out up here in the UP. Wind is scheduled to come blowing through at a turbine cranking 10-15 mph with gusts as high as 25 mph. The Husband keeps telling me that we can fix our drafty a$$ problem. It's the worst in the loft. And that may actually be where all the draft is coming from that I feel when I'm on the main level. Notice in the picture, there's the insulation (paper backing that you see), then there's the blue board, then there's the drywall. The drywall job was so hideous we either had to take it down and redo or cover it up. We covered it up with cedar tongue and groove. Now here's what I'm wondering.

Below we see the tongue and groove is installed on the ceiling. This photo also shows before the knee walls were covered up. Now, there is a large access door that I can peek inside of the knee-wall on this side of the loft. There is insulation (again, you see the paper backing). That's it. There is no blue board and no drywall to stop the draft. Now, there is what I'm going to call vent proper. It's that styrofoam channel stapled to the underside of the roof under the insulation. I know from rooting around that it's there. However, I am guessing that the air is just coming in from the soffits and coming into the kneewalls and then through the walls right into the cabin because there's nothing, no blue board and/or drywall, to stop it from doing so.

 Seem like that's not a big deal? Just finish installing the blue board, finish the ceiling with the drywall on the ceiling and we'll be golden, draft-free, warm and efficient. Green and happy. Right? Yeah, right after I tear all this apart. 

But wait, there's more.

That's right. I wanted a nice place to put my clothes and linens, hence the wooden bottom, back, and top. I did not want to have to retrieve lost sock mates from the eaves. I was told that the drywall on the ceiling would be finished before they put the tongue and groove up. That did not happen here. The Husband and I stuck a mirror in here and saw that the blue board and drywall weren't there. These doors are usually blocked by furniture otherwise they blow open. It is super cold in there. My clothes are cold when I pull them out. 

Hindsight is 20/20. I could have f*ed this up like this myself. I wish I could have waited until after The Husband was retired to move and we could have just muddled through and physically built/remodeled the cabin ourselves. But, I really needed to move and get away from all the chemicals they were spraying on the fields adjacent to us. Remember, they already sprayed me and my crops. We were both worried about the cats too. The day our hay and I got hit, the fog reached the cat's outdoor pen. There was also a guy that did crop dusting in the area too. The last time he flew over the neighbor's crops he kept buzzing my horse who was in the pasture. This guy is lucky he didn't drive my horse through the fence and out onto the highway. I told my husband that the guy was unnecessarily dangerous and an ass. He did not have to fly over our place. There was an empty field that he could have turned around over. A week later the guy was lucky to walk away after he crashed into someone's barn. Thankfully, at least all that isn't my problem anymore. I've just got a little too much fresh air in the wrong spots now.

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