Monday, January 3, 2011

Well, at least somebody's warm

Hi. My name is Sophie. I'm not coming out as it's 75 degrees and NO drafts in my Garden Shed. Kitty Hugs and Purrs to Roger of Bob's Sheet Metal for the wood stove installation and Lonnie and the talented crew at LR Contracting for the solid, draft-free building. These contractors have received the Catnip -Tuna Party Award of Excellence issued by The Naylor-Kohler Exceptional feLIONs. (This is the highest award achievable by mankind. Other than those involved in this building, only those rescuing cats and kittens from perilous situations have been awarded this honor. Yeah, that big. According to the feLIONs.) Sorry Mike and Bheki, feLIONs only-get your own draft-free building.

Sigh. The Garden Shed. Sophie's right. Simple, but solid. Warm and draft-free. Cheaper than the damn cabin. Lots cheaper. Went up in a blink of an eye. The guys were even nice to me.

The wind has calmed down today so the hurricane force winds have died down in the cabin too.

Bigger sigh. If we didn't have the cats I'd sell EVERY f'ing thing except my backpack and live out of it. I wouldn't even buy an RV. Or a tent. I hate tents anyway. They have a habit of getting blown across the campgrounds with me still in them. If you've got anything to sell. Forget about it. I'm not buying anything. I'm disgusted. My poor Husband is putting together all the information for the wind turbine. I've got a big, red crayon I can write a big NO across his findings. That's if I don't lose my temper and shred the information with my bare hands. I'll be damned if I'm going to put one more penny or one more ounce of my efforts into this place. I'm certainly not paying for any more damn building permits and site visits and listening to anyone's stupid little rules only to end up with the furthest thing from energy efficient. And you know what? It's all my fault. That's right. The one that doesn't wear the tool belt. I got blamed for everything from forgetting to double up the main support under the cabin before setting the cabin back down on the foundation (Oh, yeah, I was hiding it in my purse just because I thought it would be cool to say I once hid a 28 foot glue-lam in my purse) to holding up the job by not making timely decisions. You know the one where I told them no how many times? When I'd had enough of a contractor and fire them, they'd whine that they were going to tell the building inspector on me. Things that make you go hmmm? For the garden shed, I caught a rash of crap too when I tried to apply as a home owner for a permit to do the work myself. "What are YOU going to do?" So I hired LR Contracting. Even though I hired a local contractor, I did start the excavation work myself. I accidentally killed a rat. I didn't see him, but still I felt bad. That was the end of my excavating career. Lonnie is quite the gentleman in my opinion as he did NOT make fun of my excavating attempt. I made a straight outline but the more I went too deep in one area and tried to fix that, the worse things got. I'm fairly certain if I drove my Jeep through there at about 45 mph, I could have rivaled the General Lee in the opening scene of The Dukes of Hazard.

Getting back to my disgust regarding the cabin, I'd like to know how a building with wind blowing through it meets code. By the way, Dudenas Contracting has been in trouble before for "quality issues". Would have been nice to have been given that information BEFORE they f'd up my cabin and took all our money. Boys Club. Maybe if everyone stopped giving this woman a rash a crap, paid at least as much attention to what they were doing as they were talking about their latest bear or fish or whatever animal they bagged or hooked or whatever, maybe I'd have the energy efficient, off-grid cabin that I wanted and paid for. 

Speaking of money, all offers considered. 80 acres with a drafty-@ss off-grid cabin, 30 x 60 pole barn, and a 20 x 30 toasty, draft-free garden shed. Might, depending on my mood that day, consider trade for land that is NOT under zoning/building department jurisdiction. Prefer deserted island. I did not work my @ss off all my life for this. Unless they changed the weather predictions, the wind is supposed to start up again tomorrow. Brace for impact. Or bribe the feLIONs with some tuna.

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