Friday, January 7, 2011

This just in from The Dept. of Wind

The Husband is the Head of The Department of Wind. At least in our little world. I look forward to several, romantic candle-lit dinners discussing the pros and cons of Bergey and Kestrel wind turbines. Because you probably weren't cc'd on this:

The Kestrel e300i is on my radar, and it may shove the Bergey XL.1 out of first place.  Here is a recent news blerb:

Kestrel turbines performed flawlessly during one of the highest wind speed storms experienced in recent years here on the West coast of Ireland"
Most of the wind turbine suppliers in Ireland had phoned their customers to brake their turbines before the storm to prevent damage. This was not necessary with the Kestrel turbines due primarily to the rugged design and blade pitch control. 
Two Kestrel e400i 3KW wind turbines installed here in the West of Ireland continued to produce their maximum power output of 3.2KW throughout a really severe recent storm with incredible gusting of 112 mph (180km/h) recorded by an anemometer mounted on one of the Kestrel masts.
As one would expect at such high wind speeds, the mast swayed significantly in this wind but both Kestrels maintained their blade pitch shift and maximum output with no problems whatsoever when most of the installed small turbines in Ireland had been braked to avoid any damage when this storm was forecast.
Following this storm, many phone calls and messages were sent to the website reporting dramatic blade fractures and in one case, a blade from a fixed blade furling turbine had shed a blade that was found some 250 metres away. The Kestrel e400i’s were observed to be in complete control throughout the storm.
Len Jones and Sean Thompson
Irish PV and Wind

The Husband further states:

I love their tower.  It looks VERY durable & easy to lower. Instead of dropping the complete tower, they just drop part of it.  Seems much much safer.  Plus no vehicle needed.  Kestrel is a division of Eveready, believe it or not.  The turbines are made in South Africa instead of China.  Kestrel's reputation is actually on par, if not better, than Bergey.  They are both considered very very reputable, but the Bergey is best known for the Excel turbine, which is 10,000 watts (the Bergey model we are looking at is 1000 watts).  Kestrel is best known for their 800 watt to 3000 watt turbines.  Both turbines would be very good.

Well, there you have it. Aren't you just swooning? Important Wife note/clarification: That's either turbine would be good. We aren't getting both. No matter how romantic the candle-lit dinner. 

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