Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow, snow, and more snow

Snow to infinity and beyond. Yep, pretty much snows everyday, all day. Ebony In Charge of Everything (left) and Brandi Jewel, one of the Jewel sisters (right) just hanging out at The Secret Cabin. 

Close up of Brandi Jewel, one of the Jewel Sisters. Brandi and her sister, Charlene Jewel are kleptomaniacs. They steal things and hide them. One time, The Husband and I were woke from a sound sleep by what sounded like a body being dragged up the stairs. It was Brandi Jewel coming up the stairs backwards dragging a faux sheepskin duster. Usually, their stash includes small things like a couple of bracelets, milk rings and lids, twisty-ties, an actual cat toy or two, and dragonfly wings. Never a dull moment. Thank goodness.

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