Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not Alone in the Trenches After All

Now we're talking/blogging off-gridders and future off-gridders. We've got a fellow off-gridder hanging out with us. Horray! Here's a comment I received in response to my From the Off-grid Trenches post. Excellent information that we can all use so I want to share it up front here.

From offgridcabin: "We've been using our generator quite frequently in the winter as well. We're on the line of the lake effect snow, ten miles to the South and there is sun. My Dad looked up the specifications on our Honda EU 3000 and found out that on "eco-throttle" we run at about 750 Watts, so when we charge our batteries before going to bed we'll cut the generator the instant we get to float, or if we're really sharp, just before float so we don't throwout any extra watts - plus in the evening we'll run about 250-300 watts between lights and TV so in the end we waste very little gas (other than AC to DC charging losses). During extended stays we re-gen every 3 days.

I've also been researching wind power and hope to post something on it soon."

Also, be sure to add offgridcabin to your list of blogs to follow. A father and son have built an off-grid cabin in the woods, also in the UP. Looks like they've been working super hard as their place is beautiful. They've got a real nice system going too. Good example for researching and putting a system together. 

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