Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I've changed my mind

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Woman's prerogative. I miss The Husband. Soon, he will be home for holiday (vacation) for a few weeks. I will allow him to take me dinner, buy me not one but two Thimbleberry Margarita's, convince me that The Secret Cabin can be fixed (heads up Lonnie, LR Contracting), and charm me into my approval for the wind turbine. Once sober (yes, two will do it), he will have to assure me each time the wind blows through the cabin that it can be fixed and everything will be warm and efficient and okay on Planet Bheki. Of course, more margaritas will be necessary when we have to do the stupid paperwork and pay the stupid fees for nothing but guff to the building department. The Husband will then have to distract me with some tasks, no doubtlessly involving my skill on the tractor while he deals with the building department. Also in The Husband's efforts to maintain his wife's freedom (as in not being thrown in jail for, I don't know, smacking men I think are stupid/useless, for instance, hypothetical, of course), I will be put in charge of Project Wind Turbine Installation. I will have to educate myself on what it takes to actually raise the tower. I've heard that it can be done with a tractor. I'll have to look into that. I don't want another excavating incident. I know that I want Lonnie, LR Contracting for the foundation. The foundation for the tower is very specific. I also want Wayne, Hanson Electric for the electrical. Of course, The Husband will handle the controller, software, and integrating it all with the solar system. Until then, I will temporarily postpone selling everything and living out of my back pack.

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