Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

For the Last Minute Christmas Shopper

20 Acre Horse Farm in Gibsonburg, Ohio
(2 miles from show grounds)
(Sorry, no gift wrap available.)

3 bedrooms - 2 bathrooms
Upstairs master bedroom with walk-in closet and in-suite bathroom
Great Room with Cathedral Ceiling
Overlooks horse pasture - safe Ramm fencing
A nice house to make home

40 x 48 Pole Barn
3 rubber matted stalls
concrete aisles
drive-thru trailer port (or workshop)
(This makes me cry. My brother built this barn for me.
 If I could have packed it up and taken it with me I would have.
 This barn rocks. I miss my barn.)

Priced for quick sale at $199,000
Will consider other offers

Monday, December 20, 2010


Exceptional feLION Mz. Fancy Pants enjoying the radiant heat of the Main Level masonry heater. If you're interested in knowing more about masonry heat, check out The Masonry Heater Association and our mason, Eric Moshier, Solid Rock Masonry. Eric is fantastic to work with. I really felt part of the team, from the design of our heaters to the installation. He and his crew are professional yet fun to work with. I really appreciated their enthusiasm. The heater install is one of my favorite parts of The Secret Cabin remodel. Even though this team came in and worked hard-built 2 heaters in 5 days-they took the time to include me in the building of the heaters. They showed me how to apply the stucco. There's a small area on the Garden Level heater that I can point to where I applied the stucco. They incorporated some stones that I picked up on site. I also got to put a couple of stones on each heater. Each heater has a stone I picked up just down the road from the shore of Lake Superior. I can't tell you how nice it is and how much it means to have such good memories. The radiant heat and the memories are enjoyable.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rifle Season 2010

Here's what the feLIONs bagged.

Continuing with our coverage of this past Fall. I knew The Secret Cabin had at least one. There were droppings in the corner of the Mechanical Room when we were finishing hooking up the water lines. One night I thought I heard one in the bathroom wall munching on the cabin. I read somewhere that there's something in rodent urine that can cause a virus in the human heart. Or something like that. Not good at any rate. And then there's that little plague incident that nearly killed everyone. Cats had fallen out of favor in Europe. Read, people were stupid and mean and killed them to the point that the rat population took over and BAM, plague. So, once again, the feLIONs save the humans here at The Secret Cabin.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Need to Reposition your PV Array

There's an App for that.

Continuing our coverage of this fall and getting reading for Winter, here The Husband uses his iPad to find where he wants to point the PV Array. 

Here he repositions the Array.

You saw in yesterday's post where he was in the tractor loosening bolts.

Tightening the bolts back up. My demands were met and The Husband was safely and gently lowered back to the ground. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

101 Things to Do With a Man

Tie him to the front end loader of the tractor and stop the ride at the top.

I thought we'd get back to the business of living off-grid. After all, we all want government out of our lives. Right? Doesn't that mean we make and clear our own roads, home school, perform CPR and stitch ourselves up, and make our own power? Politics aside, it just doesn't get any better than getting to tie The Husband to the tractor. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lack of Blog Excuse #357.5

I am a totally pissed off, grumpy, disappointed, b-word right now. I am sick and tired of hearing myself talk about construction BS and I figure that no one else wants to hear it either. However, in the name of possibly saving someone else, any one else, from having their wallets raped, here it is, freaking again, dammit. Now that we're all moved in and Winter is in high gear, we've discovered a wind tunnel in the cabin. Shit, shit, shit. You've got to be f*ing kidding me. This place was down to the studs and we paid all this money and spent all this time apart for this. The wind blows in through the soffits, comes into the knee wall storage, blows open the doors on said storage, and into the cabin. I put side tables, cabinets, etc. in front of the doors to keep the doors from blowing open. The wind freaking blows so hard, you could split atoms in the loft. At the risk of having what I type held against me in the day and age of thought police, I want to put the hurt on a couple of contractors pretty bad. There I said it. You'll have to helicopter in to get me because the driveway is drifted over in spots and plowed shut by the road crew. Na, na, na. So what's with the picture of the crappy house. This past Summer, someone made the comment to me that, "Gee, I wish I had the money to build a camp and have a tractor." I like the person that made this comment and it kind of hurt my feelings. Really, do you think that little of me. As if I was just sitting around doing nothing, as usual, and some fairy swooped down and delivered a sack of money to us on a silver platter. Well, what kind of character and/or strength would that build? How would that develop your soul? Not. The house pictured above is the old farmhouse in Gibsonburg that we lived in for five years, six winters. It is one of several ways we tried to save money towards our dream. The other ways are these strange things sacrifice and hard work. Anyway, the house definitely has seen better days. Both Mike and I broke and fell through the floors in this house on several occasions. It was so cold in there in the Winter that you could see your breath. Do you know, I mean really know, how bad it hurts to be cold all the time? The high pitched squealing where the wind would blow through the windows was annoying too. So, we went through all that. Then, recently we went through all that time apart because I had to be here to try to get the hammer swingers to use that squishy thing sloshing around behind their eyes....they took our money, ALL of it, and this is what I've got. A cabin that you can split atoms in the bedroom loft because the wind blows in so hard. So, Lack of Blog Excuse #357.5 is a bad, bad mood.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Guy Cat 1998-December 15, 2010

At 5:40 am this morning Guy Cat passed away. Guy was born at Carl's, Lulu Road, Petersburg, Michigan. He was Carl's only surviving cat having outwitted the coyotes behind his property. Guy decided to live with Mike and Bheki while they resided in Petersburg and then moved with them to Gibsonburg, Ohio. A neighbor in Gibsonburg, known for not paying attention behind the wheel of a vehicle (she had numerous accidents, totaled one van, killed someone else's cat, and almost ran over the local tax adjuster who was standing in her drive), ran over Guy back around the year 2000. While Guy did endure surgery and lose a leg, he pulled through to live the rest of his life surrounded by his "harem". Guy was very popular with the lady cats and they were always lounging around with him. He just returned to Michigan and made the move to Calumet in October. He had labored breathing on Tuesday afternoon. Guy was approximately 12 years old and is survived by his humans, Mike and Bheki, his harem, and many other fury family members. He will be missed. (I can't look at pictures right now. Maybe when this doesn't sting so bad, I'll get a photo up. Just not right now.) Update: Here's a picture. Quite the handsome cat. Now you can see why he had a harem. Yes, still stings.